Aries Monthly Horoscope November 2015

Day of the Dead, AriesAries (21 March – 19 April)

The lovers of the heavens, Venus and Mars, get together in Virgo on the 3rd. This is important for you because Mars is your ruling planet and Venus your partner planet. It smacks of collaboration, partnership that works, combining skills or forces.

Virgo is the sign which rules your working life, your everyday routine, your lifestyle and your health and these areas gain a welcome boost whilst the lovers of the heavens do their thing.

You might receive a compliment or praise early in the month when other people appreciate your efforts and hard work.

Look out too for someone who can help you whether you’re seeking advice, support or inspiration. This applies to both your working life and your health.

One other planet that’s gracing this sector of your chart is Jupiter, the biggest and best planet in astrology. So it’s in these areas of life – work and health – where you can develop and grow the most.

If you have a busy month ahead, Jupiter blesses your progress and acts as a protective influence. Virgo is the sign of writing so good news for getting your ideas across, drawing up a presentation and marketing yourself in the written word. The first two weeks of November are brilliant for making progress at work and adding new healthy habits to your daily routine.

Money matters too can prosper now with both the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio and your joint finance sector. The Sun remains here until the 22nd and Mercury whizzes through Scorpio from the 2nd to the 20th. Yet most importantly, there’s a helpful focus on this area throughout November and it’s the right time to get your head round money matters and sort out your financial situation.

Scorpio is the sign that rules taxes, savings and debts, mortgages and insurances. Scorpio also governs inheritance, investments, alimonies, child support, in fact, any money that comes your way or monies owed. The New Moon on the 11th is particularly powerful for money negotiations and you have luck on your side as the planet of good fortune, Jupiter, links in to this New Moon.

Be cash savvy, manifest the money you need and initiate new money-making projects on or around the 11th to make the most of the start of a new Moon cycle and a chance to sow seeds and make progress. The more you achieve on the financial front this month and the next, the better. Come next year, there might be delays where money’s concerned but that’s not the case right now. It’s full steam ahead.

This year too has been a dramatic year for many Aries with regard to love and relationships. A powerful eclipse in September followed by a New Moon in October means you’re entering a new phase for love. This continues throughout November as first the love planet Venus enters Libra and your relationship sector on the 8th followed by your ruling planet Mars on the 12th.

Mars and Venus are copying one another, they’re close by, a tight unit. This indicates that November is a promising month to work at relationships and to strive for peace and harmony.

Libra’s zodiac symbol is the scales and relationships are a constant balancing act. Learning how to express yourself within relationship, attend to your own wants and needs as well as learning to compromise and ensure the other person is happy too.

The biggest lessons come on or around the 23rd when Venus is opposed by Uranus in your sign of Aries. This can trigger an impulsive move, a rebellious act and it’s more difficult to go with the flow of giving and receiving when this energy is strong.

The good news is that any fallings-out can be smoothed over quickly as the following day on the 24th, your planet Mars connects with Saturn in a supportive aspect. This offers you an opportunity to get back on track in a personal or professional partnership. Saturn is the planet of commitment and a steadying influence.

The last week of the month can be a questioning period for you when you might be wondering about a sabbatical, a move abroad, the holiday of a lifetime or a new phase of learning and education.

Saturn is currently in Sagittarius and the sector of your chart which rules these areas: travel, education, religion, spirituality, i.e. any area of life where you can broaden your horizons physically, mentally or spiritually. The Law too falls under Sagittarius’ domain.

On the 26th there’s a major clash between Saturn and Neptune and Neptune likes to dissolve boundaries. Plus this major aspect comes one day after the Full Moon cutting across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis and emotions are heightened during a Full Moon phase.

If you’re not careful, this can lead to a period of disillusionment when you’re questioning your beliefs or doubting whether you’re on the right path. Try and view this period as a necessary time of exploration and even if there are more questions than answers, go with the flow.

This phase won’t last although you might emerge wiser and more sure of how or why you want to expand your life experience. Other people in your life will play a key role throughout the whole of November and if you need to turn to others for expert or personal advice, make it happen.

The major shift is happening on an internal level for you and even though sometimes you feel you’re getting nowhere in the real world, actually there’s a lot going on. Trust that you’re heading in the right direction and learn to lean on other people and be open to love and support.

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