Aries Monthly Horoscope May 2016

Aries (21 March – 19 April)

As the month of May begins there’s strong emphasis on the sign of Taurus and in your chart this rules money, possessions and whatever you value most highly in your life.

There’s a lot of pleasure to be had now from simple pleasures and with both the Sun and Venus in Taurus for most of the month of May, this feels indulgent.

It’s a slow, leisurely pace of life when key planets are in the earth sign Taurus and it’s the perfect time to focus on what you enjoy doing on a daily level.

Taurus rules gardening, cooking, art, massage and is closely connected to the sensual realm. This is a very different energy to your sign of Aries, a fast-paced fire sign, but there’s a lot to be said for slowing down the pace now, being in nature and looking after yourself on a daily basis.

This is particularly important for two reasons. Firstly your ruling planet Mars remains retrograde or on go slow throughout the month of May and this can be a time when your energy’s low, you feel unfit or demotivated. Mars’ energy is full-on when Mars is direct and strong. It’s your roar in life, your adrenalin rush and a retrograde Mars can feel emasculated, weakened, tired.

Pull back on some of your activities now if you can and don’t go hell-for-leather through life. This is when accidents happen when you’re overly impulsive, rash or daring. Take care of your body and be kind to yourself if you’re not as motivated as you usually are.

There is another key planet that’s retrograde until May 22nd and this is Mercury, the trickster. Mercury retrograde is notoriously a time when things can go wrong and you experience more delays, hold-ups or misunderstandings than usual.

Mercury rules technology and transport, it’s linked to bureaucracy and administration. Trying to get things done and organised when Mercury is on go slow can be particularly tricky. Plus with Mercury also in Taurus and your money sector, you might be playing a waiting game when it comes to cash or earnings.

This is notoriously a shady time to make major purchases or to sign and seal an important contract or document. If you do have to finalise a money or property matter, make sure you read the small print and double check everything.

There are some key dates this month that look promising for money and prosperity and the New Moon in Taurus in particular on May 6th is a stunning symbol for new financial beginnings. This New Moon teams up with lucky Jupiter in the earth sign Virgo and transformative Pluto in the earth sign Capricorn.

In fact, there’s a huge Grand Earth trine in the heavens this month and for you this puts the focus firmly on money, work, career and vocational matters. Earth isn’t the easiest element for you because it’s about steady growth, repetition, seeing things through to completion. It’s effectively the dull end of projects, it’s about steady application, doing the same thing over and over to achieve long-term results.

Jupiter turns direct in the heavens on May 9th and this whole period from May 3rd-May 14th feels promising. Trust your luck, believe in yourself and lay new foundations for your future. This would be a good time to apply for a job, gain a permanent position, improve your status and reputation. If in doubt, take a sensible approach to work and money and build for the future.

Two-thirds of the way through the month of May and you might find yourself champing at the bit, restless for excitement and something new. This is partly because of your ruling planet Mars retrograde in Sagittarius, the sign of travel, study and expansive horizons. If you can’t do what you want right now and make the most of life, you’re bound to feel frustrated.

Once the Sun enters the mutable sign of Gemini on the 20th, you’ll be more than ready to do things differently. Gemini rules communication, movement, flexibility. This coincides with Mercury’s switch of direction in the heavens and this is when you get the green light for any information or news that you’ve been waiting on.

There’s more possibility towards the end of May, more you can achieve but at the same time this doesn’t feel straightforward, peaceful or smooth. In fact, your planet Mars is in antagonistic mode towards the end of the month as it opposes the Sun in Gemini on the 22nd and the planet of relating Venus on the 25th.

This feels combative, urgent and as these difficult planetary aspects take place at the same time a as a powerful Full Moon cutting across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis of your chart, emotions are heightened. This is when life could turn dramatic especially if you can’t get your own way or you fall out with someone close because of a difference of opinion.

You might feel tempted to push on through and do your own thing but actually it would serve you best to stop and listen to what others have to say. Yes, you might find that other people irritate you more or upset you in some regard but it won’t help to alienate others at this time.

This is the trickiest period of the month for you and it does feel as if you’re the one who’s going to be stuck, held back, unable to do the things you want, perhaps around travel, study or adventure. The other issue could be money as retrograde Mars retreats back into Scorpio on May 27th and Scorpio rules your joint finances. Money might not be forthcoming and you have to think again.

Timing is the key to your success right now and know that once Mars turns direct on June 29th, you will find that money, plans and long-term goals start to open up for you once again. If you’re halted this month, trust that something better will come in its place further down the line.

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