Aries Monthly Horoscope June 2016

Aries June 2016Aries (21 March – 19 April)

June is likely to be a restless month. When stuck situations start to unstick themselves, you’re itching to take action, get things moving.

Yet you can’t ignore the fact that your ruling planet Mars remains retrograde or on go slow for the majority of the month of June.

Mars rules motivation, energy, action, dynamic movement. Mars retrograde is frustrating, there are no two ways about it and even though there’s a whiff of change in the air, you have to remain patient.

Mars is currently retrograde in the sign of Scorpio, a planet/sign placing which is strong. Mars is powerful in Scorpio, this is laser focus, channelled and primed for action.

Yet Mars is in retreat and in Scorpio going ever deeper. Scorpio rules the psyche, all things hidden, and the lessons you learn now can be powerful, even life changing. Yet the focus is inward rather than outward and you are required to be patient, hold back, analyse your situation, prepare yourself, do your research thoroughly.

Scorpio is linked to all the taboo areas of life, e.g. sex, money, power and corruption, the cycle of life, death and rebirth. Scorpio can take you into dark places, areas where you discover your shadow side, where healing is required. At its best this is a period of self transformation when the changes you make are irrevocable, there’s no turning back.

Be aware however that repressed emotions can surface during this powerful retrograde phase, rage, jealousy, obsession or resentment. Find a healthy outlet to shake off and get rid of feelings or habits that are outdated or harmful.

Mars is relatively quiet in relation to the other planets and makes only one major planetary aspect, an opposition with communication planet Mercury in Taurus and your personal money sector on the 9th. For some, this is going to be a big month for money matters. Mercury, usually a quick moving planet, has been in Taurus since April 5th and only leaves this sector of your chart on June 12th.

The first half of June is a time to negotiate carefully, ensure that you’re paid what’s rightfully yours, resolve any outstanding issues around money and notice the power money has over you or other people in your life. The week beginning 6th June could be pivotal in this respect.

Finally, after a long and thorough investigation, process, period of exploration, you can move on. Mark 29th June on your calendar, in your diary, ink it on your hands. This is the day when Mars turns direct after 10 weeks of retrograde motion.

This signifies a major turning point for you. If you take your time throughout June and focus on the internal process, you’ll be more than ready to take action and move on when the time is right.

This might be connected with money, sexuality, stepping into your power, starting over in some way. July is the month when you can instigate all that you’ve been planning. Think back to January when Mars was strong in Scorpio and your plans were bold.

June is however a positive month for communication. In fact, to balance the introverted nature of Mars this month, you’re advised to talk about what’s going on and ensure you have other people in your life to keep life light, have fun with and lean on if necessary.

You might be thinking about going back to school, to learn something new or expand your knowledge in some way. Education and qualifications are important now whether to help you make progress in your work and career or to give you something to look forward to, a sense of fascination.

The new Moon on June 5th is a positive date to sign up to a course and to say Yes to self-improvement. Don’t let fear hold you back, don’t get too confused with different options and do what is right for you. Other people will have their own opinions but follow what you choose.

This month highlights opposing beliefs, differences of opinion. These might be political, religious, ideological and what takes place in the month ahead means you end up questioning your own beliefs. This is not necessarily the wrong thing to do but it could leave you feeling unsettled if your own life philosophy is challenged in some way. The Full Moon on June 20th will reveal more.

You might also experience some frustration if you want to travel or go on holiday but things aren’t falling into place. You need a change of perspective now, a chance to expand your horizons and too much focus on the internal process will leave you feeling stifled.

There might be other reasons why you decide to stay put or decide that it’s best to complete what you started. This might be linked to your work, your home or family. The shift begins during the Solstice on June 20th when the Sun joins the planet of relating Venus in the sign of Cancer.

This is a time to nest rather than fly high. You might feel as if your wings have been clipped or you decide to put other peoples’ priorities before your own. This is in keeping with Mars retrograde although your attitude will change once Mars leaps back into life.

Work and career matters can also bring a sense of fulfilment now when the third Jupiter-Pluto connection takes place on June 26th. These two mighty planets first got together mid-October 2015 and in earth signs, this is about reaping what you sow. Earth signs are steady, reliable and they hang in there for the long-term rewards.

Here too, there’s a sense of doing things differently. Your usual spontaneous approach to life won’t always work in the month of June. Instead start to consider what’s important in your life, what’s missing and where you want to focus your energy in the second half of 2016.

You are soon going to be raring to go again and you might even be glad you lost your way or changed your mind. Done well, Mars retrograde can be a powerful period of learning.

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