Aries Monthly Horoscope February 2016

Cologne Carnival, AriesAries (21 March – 19 April)

After the frustrations in January, there’s no reason not to go full steam ahead in February. Communication planet Mercury is now back up to full speed in Capricorn and your career sector, and the first fortnight in February is excellent for career plans, networking, and focusing on the bigger picture in your life.

In addition, your ruling planet Mars is strong in Scorpio. This is a powerful placing for the planet of action, determination and drive. This is your turn to be fearless, to find the courage in your soul and to say Yes to new challenges. S/he who dares wins the most in the month ahead. 

Scorpio rules joint finances and shared resources in your chart but this is also a transformational placing for your ruler Mars. Here is your opportunity to dig deep into your psyche and discover who you are and what you have to offer the world.

Scorpio rules mysteries and secrets and now is the time to discover more about yourself and get to the bottom of an unsolved problem. Research and detective work all fall under Scorpio’s domain. Plus this is a passionate placing for Mars and the more in touch you are with your deeper emotions, the more powerful your month ahead.

There are two dates which stand out this month and they are the 3rd and 13th. On the 3rd, Mars is in an easy aspect with Pluto, the power planet, in Capricorn and your career sector. On the 13th, Mars teams up with Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and growth, in Virgo and your work sector.

This is a winning combination and it’s preparing you for a major triumph in the middle of next month, March. You have no option now but to play big in life, to combine vision with determination and to set a new chapter in motion. Whether you’re setting up your own business, shooting for promotion or you discover your true vocation in life, this is a successful period to go for it.

Yet you can’t do this alone and this month’s stars back up the theme of collaboration, cooperative ventures and working alongside other people to achieve your goals. This is especially evident after the 8th, when there is a New Moon in Aquarius and one of the social sectors of your chart.

Aquarius rules friends, groups, networking, your wider social circle and this is a key period to join in with other people, and discover that together you’re bigger and better. Whether you’re into politics, charity work, local community initiatives, or your focus is firmly targeted on work and career goals, look at ways you can create a strong team around you in order to make a difference.

On the 13th, communication planet Mercury enters Aquarius followed by Venus, planet of relating, on the 17th. Plus the Sun shines bright in Aquarius until the 19th. Put all this together and it’s a clear indication that the more you join forces with other people, the better your chances of success.

It’s a positive month for you to join a new group, club or social team. In particular, technology is favoured so find ways to get your message across on social media, investigate an online group or course and update your skills. The more you stay ahead of the pack and keep up with new trends, the more enthusiastic you feel in your endeavours.

You may also be keen to travel or expand your horizons in some way and this is linked to your association with other people too. Whether you are planning a holiday with friends or you’re keen to sign up for a course to study something new, the 3rd-6th and the 25th/26th are peak dates to book an event or set off with friends for fun and adventure.

Mars in Scorpio highlights sex and sexuality and this can be an intriguing month for love and relationships. There’s a theme of power and dominance when it comes to love, whether you fall for your boss or someone you’re working with, or you’re experimenting in the bedroom. This could make for an interesting Valentines Day (14th) this time around.

Partnership is a key theme this month and you grow closer to the one you love when you team up with shared projects and mutual goals. Health remains important to you with the planet of growth, Jupiter, in Virgo and your health sector.

If your New Year resolutions to lead a healthier lifestyle came to nothing, team up with your partner or a buddy and set new goals in place. The week beginning 8th of February is perfect for starting a new routine to boost your well-being.

Looking after yourself is especially important this month because at times you will be driven to achieve and feel under pressure if you have tight deadlines to meet. Once the Sun moves into Pisces on the 19th, ensure that you build quiet time into your busy schedule. The Full Moon on the 22nd focuses on your health and wellbeing sectors and is the perfect time to go on retreat, to slow down the pace of life and experiment with doing nothing.

Make the most of the month whilst your ruling planet Mars is strong. Set new healthy habits in place and focus on long-term goals and aims. You can make significant progress at work now and it’s a wonderful month for socialising, having fun and making the most of life.

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