Aries Monthly Horoscope April 2016

AriesAries (21 March – 19 April)

The big news this month is the fact that your ruling planet Mars turns retrograde on the 17th.

This means that instead of moving forwards, Mars is effectively backtracking through the zodiac and will remain on go slow until June 29th.

Mars is currently in your fellow fire sign of Sagittarius and as it only moves between two degrees in the zodiac (7-8 Sagittarius) throughout April, it feels as if plans could get put on hold or there’s an about-turn in something you’re wanting to do.

Sagittarius rules travel, higher education, your beliefs and any area of your life which broadens your horizons mentally or spiritually. It’s linked to the law and publishing.

It might be that plans simply don’t work out and you need to stop and consider why you’re being halted in your tracks. If you’ve recently started a new job perhaps this is the reason why travel or study plans have to go on hold.

Or maybe you’re the one who’s having second thoughts about what next and you want time to rethink your bigger plans and where you’re heading in life. If you’re unsure about booking a new experience or adventure mid-April, it’s probably best to defer your decision for now.

Mars is linked to courage, speed, passion and anger and Mars’ turnaround in the heavens might coincide with a lack of confidence, a turn down in energy, feeling flat or unmotivated. Certainly when Mars is retrograde, its energy is weakened and instead of focusing outward in life, you turn in on yourself and the important work takes place on an inner level.

This would be a good time for personal development work, to research a topic in-depth and to contemplate your own beliefs and where your principles lie. Keep a close eye on your energy and physical fitness whilst Mars is on go slow and don’t attempt to take on too much. Slowly, slowly is your best approach to physical activities whilst Mars is on go slow.

Yet this doesn’t mean that everything in your life has to go on hold and with three key planets in Aries as April begins, there’s still a lot going your way. If you’re an April-born Aries, this is your birthday month and plenty of reason to celebrate. The Sun is in your sign of Aries until the 19th, communication planet Mercury nips in and out of your sign in the first few days of April and you have the rebel planet Uranus kicking up a rumpus in Aries.

So the first half of April is the time to focus on you and your personal goals and aims. You might not be able to conquer the big picture goals just yet with Mars about to retreat but that doesn’t mean you can’t put yourself first and look after your own needs.

In fact, the more you focus on your health, fitness and vitality, the more you can make the most of key planets in your own sign. Plus there’s a New Moon in Aries on Thursday 7th and this New Moon symbolises the start of your year, a chance to reconsider your 2016 New Year resolutions and set new intentions for the year ahead.

New Moons indicate fresh energy when you can sweep out the old to make room for the new. This New Moon is special because it takes place next to Uranus and Saturday 9th is jumping when the Sun and Uranus connect in the heavens.

This is perfect timing to do something different, unique, unconventional. Accept a last-minute invitation, change your plans around, take a risk and be impulsive. Aries rules your image so this is how other people see you and it would be a good time to ring the changes when it comes to your looks and your public profile.

Another important planet enters Aries on the 5th and this is Venus, the planet of love and relating. Venus remains in your sign until the 30th and this is good news for love and money. Venus connects to both these areas of your life and this can be a time when your love life takes off, your partner helps you out or you’re simply enjoying yourself more than usual.

When Venus is in your sign, it’s another indication to focus on your appearance. Venus rules beauty and when you look good, you feel good. Make the most of your popularity and the fact that you’re attractive to others when you have Venus boosting your image or profile. The 12th and 22nd are lovely dates for love and romance and making the most of life.

Money too becomes more important as April progresses as the planets begin to enter Taurus and your personal money sector. Plus the Full Moon on Friday 22nd cuts across the money axis of your chart. Get to grips with your finances, look at new ways of making money and ensure that your money is safe and secure.

Trickster planet Mercury will turn retrograde in Taurus on the 28th and it’s best to have your finances in order before then. Don’t leave too many loose ends or be casual around money. Instead value what you have and own and invest your money wisely.

The period from the 14th-17th looks especially productive where money and work is concerned. In fact, your stars indicate that a new project, your working life or vocation are likely to be the main reason why you decide to rein in your adventurous nature and choose the sensible option.

A twist of fate on or around Monday 18th could show you which job or career options are open to you and where a door or opening will be shut. It’s intense energy mid-April and the events which take place might determine what you end up doing over the next couple of months.

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