Aries May 2019

Aries, sowing seedsAries (21 March – 19 April)

Walk Your Talk

May Day, the first of the month, is significant for you. Your planet Mars is currently in Gemini, the sign of communication, while Gemini’s ruler Mercury is in your star sign, Aries. On the 1st, these two quick-moving planets make a helpful sextile aspect and they are in mutual reception, i.e. in each other’s star sign.

This whole combination is lightening fast and it’s a great date to get things moving. This is about you and your personal goals and aims, your physical body, your image and profile. It’s about sharing ideas and brainstorming and making things happen. It’s an ideal time to ‘walk your talk’.

This is important because any hold-ups or blocks are likely to come via your work or your public profile. The planets linked to authority and power, Saturn and Pluto, are currently on go slow in Capricorn and squaring up to the inner planets as they move through Aries.

Notice what’s not working out in your life or who’s holding you back. You might be up against the authorities or dealing with a difficult boss. The trickiest dates in this respect are the 1st & 2nd, the 7th & 9th. Even more reason to look after no. 1 and focus on creating something new in your life.

Making Money

Money is the big pull this month. Therefore, you might be willing to make compromises around work and status or with regard to your reputation. On the 4th, there’s a New Moon in Taurus, an ideal date to set your intentions around money or write an abundance cheque. This is a good way of attracting abundance into your life.

Plus, as the inner planets move through Taurus, they connect with Saturn and Pluto in a helpful way. If you have long-term goals and plans around money, you need to do the sensible thing. Yet, there’s an opportunity now to get things moving in other areas. It’s an ideal month to start a new project, initiate exciting plans and talk about what next.

Both the Sun and talk planet Mercury in Taurus meet up with Saturn and Pluto on the following dates; the 11th & 14th, the 16th & 18th. What you start on or near the New Moon could swiftly bring results mid-month.

This is also the time of the Full Moon in Scorpio which takes place on the 18th. This Full Moon cuts across the Taurus-Scorpio axis of the zodiac and the financial sectors of your horoscope. Full Moons shine a light on your situation. They often bring clarity, culmination or a sense of completion. It’s a good time to trust your intuition, especially around money.

The Uranus Factor

The other factor that’s influencing money matters is the planet of change, Uranus. Uranus entered Taurus in March and this month it meets up with Mercury (communication) on the 8th and Venus (love/money) on the 18th, the same day as the Full Moon.

This suggests you have two clear options ahead of you in May. One is to secure your employment options or your investments. The other is to create something new, take a risk, be an innovator.

Your star sign, Aries, is brilliant at starting new projects. If you want to make money this month or put your money to a good use, here’s your opportunity. It’s the ideal time to shift your mindset around money, boost your self value and worth and ensure you’re paid what you deserve. Be a money innovator this month while the going’s good.

Family Concerns

Also, your home and family come under the cosmic radar from the 16th onwards. This is when Mars, your ruling planet, enters Cancer, the sign related to home and family. Plus, a few days later, Mars teams up with innovative Uranus. 

Look at ways of saving on your mortgage or rent, team up with the rest of the family to pool resources and consider your next steps regarding where you live. Mars’ move into Cancer is significant for you because the Cancer/Capricorn axis is where the eclipses are taking place this year and next. 

You may already have found yourself on the move when the first eclipse in this cycle kicked in during July 2018. The eclipses highlight the work/life balance and the foundations of your horoscope. You’re wise to get ahead of the game and start thinking about where change is likely over the next year or so.

Sowing Seeds

This month’s astrology turns the focus to you, making your own decisions, focusing on your personal goals and projects. However, a single life is a solitary life and people count. While Mars is in Gemini until the 16th, actively engage with other people and make new friends. 

The contacts you make reap rewards on or around the 21st when there’s a Sun/Mercury conjunction in Gemini. This is a gorgeous date to choose for a meeting or interview or an important conversation. It’s great for studying and teaching too.

Also, love is highlighted thanks to Venus’ transit through your star sign, Aries, until the 15th. Plus, Venus and Mars unite on the 14th. This could turn out to be a special date for love or, at the very least, partnership. Work alongside other people and make time for the ones you love.

Venus and Mars were lovers in mythology and they don’t come together that often this year. Therefore, another good reason to make the most of their helpful connection mid-month.

May is a good time to get the basics of life right and to keep putting one foot in front of the other. You can learn a lot about yourself now and put what you learn to good use. Not everything will go your way now. Sow enough seeds, however, and you can guarantee that at least some of them will grow and flourish in time.

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