Aries June 2017

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Aries (21 March – 19 April)

The planet of relating, Venus, has been in your sign of Aries for the majority of the last four months but on the 6th, Venus switches signs. Before it does so however it runs into the planet of spontaneity, Uranus, on the 3rd. If you’re ready for one last blast of action or love adventure, here’s your opportunity.

Venus in Aries is self-centred and this can be a good thing depending on your current situation. Yet once Venus moves into sensual Taurus on the 6th, this is less about independence and more about creature comforts and compromise.

This is confirmed because of what’s happening to Mars, your ruling planet. Mars is also on the move early in the month as it leaves chatty Gemini and enters caring Cancer on the 4th. Mars will remain here until July 20th.

This indicates a slower pace of life and the 9th is an important date for your 1-to-1’s. Venus and Mars unite on this day and work together, hand in hand. It’s time to think of others or at least ensure that your close relationships are based on equality. You can’t have everything your own way, especially when it comes to love and partnership.

Mars in Cancer is leading the way for another important event this month, the Solstice. The midpoint of the year, the Solstice takes place on the 21st, the day the Sun moves into Cancer. So home and family matters are going to dominate now for one reason or another.

You might be thinking about moving home, getting in the builders and your home or family life could be noisier and livelier than usual. The Solstice is an important time to communicate with the ones you love as talk planet Mercury also enters Cancer on the 21st.

Traditionally the Solstice is an important time for ritual, meditation, honouring the Sun. Yet this time around, listen out for important news or make a decision to speak up, to reconnect with loved ones. The Sun and Mercury come together on the day of the Solstice, a powerful time to gather the clans and to prioritise family affairs.

Three days after the Solstice on the 24th, the New Moon takes place also in Cancer and this is a symbol of new beginnings, the chance to make a fresh start. It would be an excellent weekend for a family get-together or being with the people you love the most. This is a positive date to look for somewhere new to live or to put your home on the market.

Venus in Taurus is in sync with Mars in Cancer as it rules money, objects, possessions. You may find you’re more attracted to beauty whilst Venus is in the artistic sign of Taurus and you want to treat yourself and the ones you love. June would be a perfect month for you to redecorate or bring more beauty into your home.

There’s still a strong emphasis on the sign of Gemini throughout June, so although Venus in Taurus and Mars in Cancer call for a slower, more luxurious way of life, you’re not stopping altogether. Gemini rules all forms of communication, including the written and spoken word and it’s linked to study and learning.

Mercury is Gemini’s planet and from the 6th to the 21st, Mercury is strong in its own sign. Make the most of this whether you’re taking exams or there’s a lot you want to say. Set up an important meeting or interview and get involved with your local community. This is a top month for trade, selling, wheeling and dealing.

Gemini rules short trips, how you get from A to B and how you communicate. This is a good time to ensure that everything’s working well, transport, technology, etc. and in the best condition possible. This is important because Saturn in Sagittarius opposes both the Sun and Mercury in Gemini on the 15th and 18th respectively.

Saturn is the cosmic equivalent of a road-block and you may have to come up with new ways of getting from A to B whilst Saturn’s energy is strong. Uranus, the inventor planet, is still active in your sign of Aries, however, so if anyone can be innovative and versatile, it’s you.

The absolute best date for travelling or booking a trip, holiday or course is June 9th. This is when there’s not only a gorgeous Full Moon in the sign of exploration, Sagittarius, but Sagittarius’ ruling planet Jupiter turns direct.

This is sky-high flying potential as Jupiter represents luck and good fortune, new opportunities and risk-taking. Look out for someone who comes into your life close to this date offering you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Jupiter is in your opposite sign of Libra ruling partnership and although Jupiter’s been retrograde, i.e. on go slow since early February, it’s now moving forward in positive fashion for the next four months.

So you may run into some difficulties this month but this is more likely to be when Saturn dominates from the 15th to the 18th. This could be someone saying No to you or finding that a dear teacher or guide is retiring or no longer available to you.

Don’t give up on your hopes and dreams and know that June is a positive month for you on the whole. Freedom is strong in your chart but at the same time pay attention to loved ones and know that you can’t have everything your own way.

That doesn’t mean you’re going to be sitting at home twiddling your thumbs and doing nothing. June most definitely has other plans, especially close to the 9th.

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