Aries July 2019

Aries, sunrise

Aries (21 March – 19 April)

Eclipse Season

Eclipse season is here this month adding extra charge to the New Moon (Solar Eclipse) on the 2nd and the Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse) on the 16th. This month is the mid-way point in the Cancer/Capricorn eclipse cycle that began in July 2018. 

Cancer and Capricorn represent the foundations of your horoscope. Cancer is at the base of your chart ruling your home and family, your past and where you come from. Capricorn is at the peak of your chart ruling your career and vocation, your future path and where you’re heading.

As eclipses symbolise change, it’s likely that you’re in transition in either or both of these key areas of your life. In fact, it would be unusual to be in the same place at the end of such a major eclipse cycle as you were at the beginning. This eclipse cycle closes in July 2020.

Think about the symbolism playing out in your life and look at what’s changing. It may be that you have a big decision to make about where you live, a tense situation concerning a parent or another member of your family, finding work or your next steps.

Partnership Issues

Venus, your partner planet, plays a key role in the eclipses this month as it enters Cancer on the 3rd, the day after the Solar Eclipse in Cancer. And, on the 17th, the day after the Lunar Eclipse cutting across the Cancer/Capricorn axis of the horoscope, Venus sits opposite Saturn and the South Node. Therefore, it may be changes or a significant issue in your partner’s life that have a major impact on your own life.

Also, this month reawakens the planetary activity of April 2019, when Pluto and Saturn turned retrograde in Capricorn, close to the South Node. Are you under the cosh at work, dealing with a difficult boss or you’re up against an impossible situation? 

Who or what is holding you back or making your life difficult or limited? Eclipses are another opportunity to let things go, get rid of what’s not working out and step back from a situation that feels pressured or relentless. 

Mercury Retrograde

Plus, this month, communication planet, Mercury, turns retrograde and will be on go slow from the 7th to August 1st. Mercury turns retrograde in Leo and returns to Cancer on the 19th. Themes of going back to the past or the past returning to you.

One of the best ways to use the Mercury retrograde phase is to take a step back and look at life differently. It’s a positive time to reconnect with people from your past and this month could play out like a version of Long Lost Family for some of you. Mercury retrograde meets the Sun in Cancer on the 21st and Venus in Cancer on the 25th. A family reunion, a chance to heal a rift perhaps?

Neptune in Pisces is a key planetary influence in this month’s more challenging activity. Neptune is in a positive aspect to the Sun in Cancer on the 11th and Venus in Cancer on the 18th. Neptune promises redemption and represents forgiveness, surrender to what is. 

Both Cancer and Pisces are kind and caring emotional water signs. When life feels hard, the astrology acts as a reminder to be kind to yourself and others.

Mars Turbo Boost

The big events this month could be a backdrop to your life, if they’re not in the main frame. You do, however, have other positive influences giving you a boost. This is because your planet, Mars, is picking up the pace, in complete opposition to almost all of the other planets. Mars enters fire sign, Leo, on the 1st where it remains until mid-August.

Mars in Leo is courageous, playful, and determined to see the best in things. Adopting a positive attitude to life won’t do you any harm throughout July. In fact, this could be the best remedy or cure for any sadness or disappointment. Leo rules the most playful sector of your horoscope, linked to joy, child-like naivety and trusting your luck.

Don’t go mad financially when Mars squares Uranus in Taurus and your personal money sector on the 11th. That’s not the time to be impulsive. 

However, when Mars in Leo teams up with Jupiter in Sagittarius on the 25th, then you have the gods working in your favour. Hang out with your kids and pick up on their playful vibe. Plan a big adventure, line up some fun entertainment, be spontaneous and motivated to enjoy yourself as much as you can. 

New Love

The Leo vibe gets stronger throughout the month once the Sun enters Leo on the 23rd followed by Venus on the 28th. This is promising for new love, romance and being open to meeting new people, seeing where life leads. July is not the easiest month to navigate. The best advice is to bide your time, wait and see what happens and deal with the more serious side of life slowly and thoughtfully.

The last week of July brings a significant turning point and August promises to be glorious. Plan a get-away and seek out the light in the dark and look for the silver lining. This month will be a whole lot easier if you can shift your perspective to one of gratitude and appreciate the simple pleasures in life. 

For example, if you’re out of work, use your leisure time well, even if money’s scarce. If work is weighing you down, the same applies, make the most of your time outside of work. 

Allow your emotions to flow in July, be in touch with your feelings and be kind to others when it’s needed. This is not the month for making any major decisions. Do, however, line up some new goals and allow yourself to get excited about what next.

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