Aries January 2017

Aries, January 2017

Aries (21 March – 19 April)

You’re the first sign of the zodiac and if anyone likes to be at the front of the queue of life, it’s you. You want things to happen quickly and a new year is an ideal time to get ahead. Or at least that’s the theory.

This year looks different and you benefit from starting the new year in a leisurely fashion. January is a month that favours self-reflection, quiet time, a slow start to a brand new year.

There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, your ruling planet Mars is currently in Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, and the sign before yours. Mars remains here until almost the end of the month, the 28th when Mars enters Aries, your own sign. Then it’s all go for but for the main part of January, it’s a relaxed vibe.

Mars isn’t especially happy in the water sign Pisces. Mars wants action and doesn’t want to wallow around in Pisces’ emotional realm. Yet this could be worthwhile whether you’re releasing past emotions, you’re grieving or you’re getting in touch with your natural intuition. Any activity which helps this process, e.g. a retreat, meditation, yoga, walks in nature, soul therapy come highly recommended.

Neptune, Pisces’ planet, is also strong this month and it teams up with your planet Mars on the 1st, New Year’s Day. Neptune is a visual planet stirred by romance, the poetic side of life. At its best, you can tap into your creative and spiritual source via Neptune’s inspiring touch. Art, poetry, music, film are all ways to lead you to a deeper connection, a place that touches you & inspires you.

This is where to channel Neptune’s influence in the month of January. If you want to be an artist, make art. If you want to fill your soul with music, listen to music which moves you. If you want to be a poet or writer, start writing.

Creativity and spiritual activities get huge brownies points for the month of January. Yet this can also be a time when you’re not in the mainstream of life for other reasons. You might be fighting off a lurgy, caring for someone you love or perhaps there are other reasons why your life is more private and less public that are personal to you.

Work too could be part of the picture. The Sun is now in Capricorn and your career and vocation sector until the 19th and communication planet Mercury enters January in retrograde phase. Mercury too is in Capricorn as a new year begins but in retreat.

Your work situation may have changed over Christmas or perhaps you’ve lost your way and feel confused about your career path, your vocation or what really matters to you. If this is true for you, then explore your options in January and don’t rush into anything new.

Mercury turns direct on January 8th but only returns to Capricorn and your career sector on January 12th and is finally out of its shadow phase on January 27th, the day before Mars, your ruler, enters Aries.

So the dates above could prove significant for you. The 12th is particular is key because on this date there’s a Full Moon in Cancer that cuts across the foundations of your chart. The Moon is at the base ruling your home and family, your past and where you come from, and the Sun is at the top ruling your career and vocation, your future and where you’re heading.

On its own this Full Moon feels like a key turning point when you’re looking at the bigger picture and reassessing your own work/life balance. Emotions are heightened during the Full Moon phase. Yet this Full Moon is especially powerful because it creates a Grand Cross in cardinal signs.

The major astrology involving Jupiter that peaked at the end of November and the end of December 2016 is reactivated now. Jupiter in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries, the freedom planets, lighting up the relationship axis of your chart. Plus power planet Pluto in Capricorn sits next to the Sun during the Full Moon which squares the Jupiter-Libra opposition.

This could turn life on its head as changes in one area of your life have a knock-on effect in others. It’s a similar scenario if you’re in a relationship or marriage and your partner’s priorities, their job or vocation are shifting.

The period between the 7th to the Full Moon on the 12th hint at a domino effect of events. If you’re not happy with your work, your home or family situation, a relationship, a business partnership, then this affects everything else.

Take your time initiating major change, be reflective, tap into your emotions to guide you. The decisions you make now could gear you up for the whole year ahead so choose as wisely as you can with the possibilities that exist.

Love is strong now too as love planet Venus is also in Pisces from January 3rd and Venus teams up with romantic, wistful Neptune on the 12th. If you’re in a relationship or married, this could be a powerfully emotional experience for you both and it’s your shared connections, the events you’ve experienced in life as a couple that bring you closer together.

The first few months of 2017 promise to be powerful and dynamic for love and relationships once Venus enters your sign of Aries early next month. For now, be romantic, let your feelings wash over you.

Affairs or unrequited feelings sometimes emerge when Pisces is highlighted so new love might raise more questions than answers.

Go with the flow for now and once the Sun enters Aquarius and your friendship sector on the 19th, be sociable. The New Moon on the 27th/28th is ideal for being around your friends and experiencing fun and inspiration in a group activity or get-together.

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