Aries Horoscope January 2023

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Happy New Year

There’s no rush moving into 2023 with your ruling planet Mars retrograde until the 12th and communication planet Mercury retrograde until the 18th.

Full Moon

Yet, there’s some lovely astrology coming your way even before you can take your foot off the brake and get things moving mid-January.

Firstly, there’s a Full Moon in Cancer on the 6th. This Full Moon cuts across the foundations of your horoscope. It’s about reassessing the work/life balance and considering the financial implications of what you do.

Uranus is a lively companion to the Full Moon duo and currently in Taurus and your personal money sector. You might be reviewing the year that’s gone as 2023 gets underway and be rethinking your next steps. The Full Moon is an ideal time to come up with some brilliant new ideas.

Turning Points

The biggest turning point for you, however, has got to be your ruling planet Mars turning direct on the 12th. Mars has been on go slow since October 30, 2022 and this has been a trickster Mars in the sign of communication Gemini.

You may have experienced confusion, doubt, frustration or irritation more than usual at certain times during this retrograde cycle. It’s always a long slog as Mars is on go slow for approximately ten weeks at a time. Thank goodness it only happens once every couple of years.

As a Sun Aries, you’re the speediest star sign in the zodiac and it’s never easy when you’re unable to move quickly or you can’t take the lead. Mars turning direct could bring a release of tension. It’s an ideal time to get yourself revved up and ready for action. 

Make a stand, find your voice, become an activist, join a protest. You can make a difference with Mars in Gemini and you’ll have Mars moving forward in Gemini until March 25th. This spells good news if you’re a writer, a creative or you work in sales or marketing.

Mercury Direct

January brings another turning point on the 18th. This is when talk planet Mercury turns direct in Capricorn and your career & vocation sector. Mercury’s retrograde phase only lasts for three weeks and the talk planet has been on go slow since December 29, 2022.

Therefore, the second half of January is a positive time to make a work or career-related decision. Often when Mercury turns direct, new information comes to light and you see things with clarity. 

It’s a good time for second chances or trying again for a role that passed you by. It’s an ideal period to reconnect with your network or contacts.

Mercury remains in Capricorn until February 11th and the Sun is here until the 20th. Work on your people skills and use your gift of the gab to make progress in your chosen career.

There may, however, be a theme of endings on or around the 1st & 18th. Or, perhaps you’re ready to stop allowing a boss or authority figure to control you. This may be another reason why new beginnings are on the cards.

Aquarius Themes

Aquarius is one of the air signs and the planet of love Venus is in Aquarius from the 3rd to the 27th. Venus will be followed by the Sun’s move into Aquarius on the 20th.

Aquarius rules your friends and group sector, your place within society, your role within politics or social responsibilities. Plus, lucky Jupiter is in action on the 4th and 25th in your star sign Aries. These are dates to act fast, take a risk and be a visionary. Jupiter’s aim is to restore hope and faith to life.

You may be making new friends, especially during the New Moon in Aquarius on the 21st, a symbol of new beginnings. Or, perhaps you decide to set up an online group and reach out and make new connections. Online dating could go well for you this month too, with the 4th & 9th being stand-out dates.

Aquarius is the star sign linked to technology and all things modern. Therefore, it’s an ideal time to embrace the future and be around other people who inspire you and can help you moving forward.

Your star sign is renowned for being direct, honest and forthright, for taking action and making things happen. Consider where and why you want to focus and channel your time and energy as the first month of the year gets underway.

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