Aries Horoscope February 2022

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Getting Ahead

Your ruling planet Mars is strong this month as it journeys through earth sign Capricorn. This is about your future path, your goals and where you’re heading. Take advantage of this dynamic astrology to be bold and forge ahead with your long-term goals and career opportunities. 

Also, you have the planet of relating Venus in Capricorn working alongside Mars. This is ideal for teamwork, socialising. Ensure you’re seen and heard. Step up your profile and schmooze the right people. Venus & Mars are collaborating well together on the 16th.

Your ambitious nature may come and go throughout February but there could be some significant shifts that help you make progress. Mercury’s change of direction on the 4th also takes place in Capricorn at the peak of your horoscope. It’s a positive date to reapply for a job, position or role.

Try not to worry too much about where you’re heading or why. Instead, take action. Even if you make a mistake or encounter a false start, don’t give up. What’s vital is that you don’t let self-doubt or worry stop you in your tracks.

Aquarius New Moon

It’s not a month to go it alone, especially while the Sun is in Aquarius up until the 18th and there’s a New Moon in your friendship and group sector on the 1st. Reach out to other people and widen your social circle, either on- or off-line.

The New Moon could be a definitive turning point, perhaps ending a friendship that’s not working out. A difference of opinion or opposing values could get in the way. Aim to start over if you can. Or, put firm boundaries in place to protect those involved.

Yet, there seems to be plenty of opportunity to gather people around you. Talk planet Mercury returns to Aquarius on the 14th so try again if there’s someone in your life you’ve been missing.

Quiet Time

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and rules the most hidden sector of your horoscope. You can’t do everything straightaway or overnight when planets are in Pisces, which is different for you being a spontaneous, impulsive fire sign. Instead, you have to prioritise what’s urgent or important. What do you need to let go of before you can start something new?

The Sun enters Pisces on the 18th. This is the time to go with the flow, do what feels right and trust your intuition. It’s a contemplative period in the year for you, a time when you’re wise to take stock and complete old projects before you begin anything new.

Pisces rules your inner world and the second half of the month is ideal for going on retreat and tapping into your subconscious. It’s a fertile time for dreams and imagination and seeking your creative or spiritual source. Use this watery energy to dive deep into ideas, dreams and visions. Use poetry, music, art and nature to inspire you. Find time to unplug, rest and restore your energy.

You may be caring for someone close or prioritising self-care – both are valuable. Either way, this is about nurturing self and others, easing your way forwards and going with the flow. Once the Pisces influence kicks in, take the pace slow.


There’s another strong planetary influence this month as one of the major aspects of 2022 takes place on the 18th. On the day that the Sun enters Pisces, big planet Jupiter in Pisces aligns with Uranus in Taurus. These two planets are entrepreneurial and freedom-loving. They represent breakthroughs and leaps of faith.

You may be aware of this planetary energy earlier in the month as your planet Mars teams up with Jupiter on the 4th and Uranus on the 8th. Whatever’s new, happening or vibrant, you seem to be playing a key role within events.

Uranus rules technology and all things modern and Taurus is your money sector, linked to your personal values, possessions, assets and security. This combination can bring something new and exciting into your life, linked to money or self-worth.

Perhaps, you find yourself awakening to new possibilities around money and security and realise that you’ve allowed yourself to be held back or restricted. Uranus is the planet linked to freedom and independence. 

It’s around money and security where your values and attitudes are undergoing a revolution or revelation. Plot and plan, dream and scheme and focus on making money or lightening your load. Don’t take your current income stream for granted either. Keep one step ahead of what’s happening and think about new trends, new ways of doing business.

Most importantly, it’s vital that you have a strong spiritual or religious faith to carry you through. It’s a big month for your ambition but equally important to have a rich inner life. Events on or around the 23rd and 24th may confirm this.

Love & Romance

Finally this month, when it comes to love the Full Moon on the 16th looks glorious. Plan something special on this date as the Full Moon falls in Leo, your romance sector. Plus, on the same day, there’s a Venus-Mars conjunction, your planet and your partner planet coming together. This is gorgeous for a first date or a second honeymoon – whatever works for you.

Mercury Turning Direct

Here are some guidelines for when the communication planet is moving in the right direction after the 4th:

  • try again – second chances are a classic Mercury direct theme
  • sort out any misunderstandings
  • consider what Mercury retrograde taught you, i.e. where are you wasting your time?
  • initiate a conversation, re-open the lines of communication
  • write a list – keep it short & deal with what’s most important or urgent in your life
  • handle any technological or transport issues
  • plug back in & renew your energy & focus

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