Aries Horoscope December 2022

Aries December 2022 horoscope, mandala

Your ruling planet Mars has been retrograde in air sign Gemini for exactly one month. There’s another six weeks to go as December begins. Therefore, you may already have a sense of what this means for you and how it’s playing out for you.

Perhaps, you’re head down in a writing project as Gemini is the star sign of communication. Or, completely immersed in a community or neighbourhood initiative.

Traditionally, Mars retrograde means it’s time to take your foot off the accelerator and slow down the pace. Alternatively, you might be in a situation where you’re not the one in control or you’re up against opposition. Gemini rules siblings and neighbours in your horoscope.

As December begins, Mars opposes Venus in Sagittarius on the 1st and the Sun in Sagittarius on the 8th. These combinations feel competitive. Or, perhaps you’re under pressure to get things done.

Gemini Full Moon

The 8th is an important date for another reason because there’s a Full Moon in the sky. This Full Moon cuts across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis of the zodiac, the education and learning axis of your horoscope, also ruling travel and new experiences.

Yet, there’s an edge to this Full Moon as your planet Mars is in a tight conjunction to the Moon and opposing the Sun. This might be about the things in life you can’t do. Or, you have a sense that you’re on the wrong path.

Also, Neptune is involved in a square aspect to the Full Moon and this can be disorienting as Neptune rules illusion. Mutable star sign energy is strong during this period in the month with key planets in Gemini, Sagittarius & Pisces.

You may find it harder than usual to make decisions. Or, perhaps you’re overthinking everything. Try to remain patient if this is true for you and do the best you can.

However, at its best, the Full Moon combination could feel enchanting and magical and take you beyond yourself. The focus isn’t strongly on you this month. It’s more about letting other people take the lead and finding answers in unusual places.

It is a good month to do things differently and explore new avenues & new experiences. Take advantage of what’s happening in a city or town close by and explore new events, perhaps linked to the festivities.

Ring the changes when you can, expand your horizons when you can and aim to become more involved with people from different backgrounds and cultures.

The clash during the Full Moon could be about opposing beliefs and principles, a conflict of ideologies. There may be some important learning that comes your way during the mid-month period.

Cardinal Power

If you’re feeling as if life is a bit of a muddle and a mess and your time management is out of the window, you’ll appreciate the shift in energy to the cardinal star sign Capricorn. Talk planet Mercury is here from the 6th, the planet of relating Venus from the 10th and the Sun from the 21st, the day of the Solstice.

Capricorn is the star sign at the peak of your horoscope and, as a Sun Aries, you’re a cardinal star sign. This planetary energy is easier for you to deal with as it’s direct and straightforward. You often find life easier when you have less options rather than more.

Plus, there’s a New Moon in Capricorn on the 23rd. This is forward-moving and an ideal time to line up some long-term goals for the year ahead. Getting back in touch with your vision and purpose could help you reorient your compass towards the end of the year.

Jupiter Joy

The big news, however, is the fact that, on the 20th, the planet of luck, opportunity and good fortune Jupiter returns to your star sign Aries. Jupiter’s already been here from May 10th to October 28th. Jupiter will remain in Aries until May 16, 2023.

Expansive Jupiter takes approximately twelve years to circuit the zodiac so this event doesn’t happen every year. Jupiter’s the planet of freedom, allowing you to let go of the ties that bind and anything or anyone who holds you back.

When Jupiter’s in full flow, you want to see the world and save the world. Jupiter rules travel, education, spirituality, philosophy and philanthropic activities. What’s not advised when Jupiter’s strong in your chart is to play small or stay close to home. Jupiter rewards bold behaviour and loves the free-spirit, the explorer, the entrepreneur, the lover of life.

As Jupiter expands what it touches, be yourself and act with integrity. Jupiter rules the truth and humanity so be true to your beliefs, live life to the full and make the most of this special time.

Notice what takes place on or around the 20th when Jupiter moves into Aries. Also, the 29th when there’s a Moon/Jupiter conjunction in Aries – you’ll see this lucky pairing in the night sky. This would be an ideal period to travel or expand your horizons over the festive period.

Mercury Retrograde

Finally, communication planet Mercury turns retrograde in Capricorn on the 29th and remains on go slow until January 18, 2023. Therefore, even if new opportunities arise, it’s not the best time to rush in and make a major decision while Mercury’s in retreat.

This is because information is sometimes withheld or the truth isn’t forthcoming. Ideally, wait until Mercury turns direct mid-January before accepting an offer or finalising a job or career opportunity. This is when Mercury will turn direct in Capricorn and your career and vocation sector.

What Mercury retrograde is good for is retracing your steps or going over old ground. It flags up a theme of reconnecting or reworking your contacts or networks. You might get back in touch with an old boss or try again with an opportunity that didn’t come off first time around.  

Your Christmas stars are encouraging you to rediscover your trust in life and have faith that things will work out the way they’re meant to. It’s the connections you make with other people that will mean the most.

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