Aries February 2021

Aries horoscopes February 2021

Money Drive

Your ruling planet Mars is in Taurus and your personal money sector throughout February. Wherever you find Mars in your horoscope, this adds drive & ambition to the mix. Therefore, it’s a good month to focus on money-earning projects, to get creative about cash and keep on top of your finances.

The Full Moon on the 27th could be interesting in this respect. It falls two days after an impressive Mars-Pluto aspect on the 25th. This could be a lucky time in the month when things go your way, especially with regard to work, money and assets.

Uranus in Taurus promises change and things can happen unexpectedly. Yes, you may receive a gift or bonus. Or, you may find that your work situation shifts dramatically and this has a knock-on effect on your earnings or monies received. The theme of reinvention is lighting up your money sector.

Aquarius New Moon 

The New Moon in Aquarius on the 11th finds six of the seven traditional planetary bodies in the same sector of your horoscope. Aquarius rules friends & groups, your role within society & politics. This is the sector of your birth chart which represents your hopes & wishes.

During the New Moon phase, there’s a Venus-Jupiter conjunction on the 11th & a Mercury-Jupiter conjunction on the 14th. Both planetary events feel lucky or promise good fortune. This month is about your social connections and stepping in to help celebrate other people’s wins.

Your planet Mars is square to the New Moon alongside rebel planet Uranus. This triggers your activist nature and you may be involved in protests or alternative movements that are emphasised by the radical Saturn-Uranus clash on the 17th. Mid-month is a time to rejoice, also to make your mark.

In fact, there are times throughout the month when the angry side of your nature could kick in. Note the 1st, 10th & 19th when you may find yourself in disagreement with friends or standing on the other side of groupthink or the general consensus. At the very least, you need a constructive outlet for your passion & energy.

Mercury Retrograde

Also this month, the planet of communication, Mercury, turns retrograde on January 30th & remains in retreat until February 21st. Traditionally, this is a time to put off major decisions as things are not what they seem and new information often comes to light when Mercury turns direct.

If you have something important you want to launch or decide in your life, it’s worth using the timing of astrology and wait for Mercury’s change of direction.

Mercury in Aquarius is a relatively easy planet/sign influence for you, as it makes a nice aspect to your star sign Aries. Aquarius is structured and organised & you can start list-making and planning ahead with confidence.

Aquarius rules friends and groups in your horoscope and it’s a good time to reconnect with people you were in contact with earlier in the year or the first half of last year.

You might have more time to catch up or events conspire to bring you back into contact. Pick up again where you left off with a group, club, society or organisation that inspires you or you believe in.

It’s not a month for the faint-hearted. Instead, step up in the world, stand up for what you believe in and join forces with people who are aligned with your vision, your goals.

Sun enters Pisces

Finally, the Sun enters Pisces and the retreat sector of your horoscope on the 18th. If you haven’t taken time out during Mercury’s retrograde phase, this is the time to do so. Slow things down, turn inwards, be reflective & take good care of yourself and the ones you love.

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