Aries August 2016

Aries August 2016Aries (21 March – 19 April)

Your ruling planet Mars is on the move early in the month as it enters Sagittarius on the 2nd. Mars is the action planet, dynamic and go-getting and Sagittarius is a fire sign, the same element as your sign of Aries.

This planet/sign combination is a good fit. Mars rules adventure, courage, bold moves and Sagittarius is the sign linked to the bigger picture and living life to the full.

In particular, this is about travel, study, learning, new philosophies, beliefs, religion, spirituality. It’s what gives your life meaning, your long-term goals and where you’re heading.

Mars has already been in Sagittarius this year from March 6th to May 27th and mid-way through this period on April 17th, Mars turned retrograde. So think back to this period and what you were studying or planning. Did a trip get postponed, was there something you wanted to learn but didn’t have time for?

In effect, this is your second chance to do the things you want to do in life that will make your life bigger and better. Yet it’s not going to be an easy ride for sure and you’re going to have to push for what you want.

This is because the other planet in Sagittarius is Saturn and Saturn can represent hold-ups, obstacles in your path. It’s more closely aligned to the word No than Yes. Saturn is a slow moving planet and it’s been in Sagittarius for most of the time since December 2014 and it only moves on at the end of the next year December 2017.

If you’re using this three year period to gain qualifications, plan emigration or learn a new religion, you’re in tune with your stars. Yet Mars adds urgency and determination to the mix this month and next as Mars remains in Sagittarius until September 27th.

It’s a two month time period to crack on with your plans and goals and push through any opposition or delays. Saturn turns retrograde this month on the 13th and a short while later Mars and Saturn meet in the heavens on the 24th.

So you will have to work extra hard to get what you want and it might be that this month is about finding a way around the problems so you can study/travel/break free next month. Apply this to your own life and what it means for you. Know too that Sagittarius rules the law and publishing, so these areas of life are also in the hot zone.

Fire sign energy is strong this month especially during the lunar cycle. The New Moon on the 2nd falls in the fire sign Leo and there’s a lunar eclipse on the 18th when the Sun in Leo is opposed by the Moon in Aquarius.

This means there’s plenty of opportunity to find joy, celebrate, do more of what you love. Fire signs are about spontaneity and saying Yes to life. This taps into the side of your nature that’s fast-paced and craves stimulation.

In particular, Leo rules romance, children & pregnancy, entertainment, creative projects and luck. In other words, all the good things in life. Take your pick and focus on having fun in the month ahead. Set your intentions at the New Moon on the 2nd.

Eclipses can be dramatic and for you the drama could involve a love affair, a crisis with a friend or issues regarding a child. It’s these areas that are highlighted on or around the 18th. Yet it’s still a positive period to push for what you want, to ring the changes because rebel planet Uranus in your sign of Aries connects to the eclipse in a good way.

The other sign that’s dominant throughout August is Virgo, one of the earth signs which rules your everyday routine and work, your lifestyle and health. This is about finding a steady balance in your life and ensuring you function well on all levels.

Virgo is the sign most closely linked to health and the body and this is a holistic connection which combines mind, body and soul. In other words, this is an important month to look after yourself and ensure your routine works as well as possible.

Communication planet Mercury is in Virgo throughout August and on the 5th it’s joined by the planet of relating and beauty, Venus. This is a clear indication to look after yourself, adopt healthy habits and sort out any niggles or worries. Virgo also rules your pets so ensure they receive some extra TLC (tender loving care) too.

The other planet in Virgo is Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and growth and Jupiter connects with both Mercury and Venus on the 22nd and 27th respectively. This is an abundant, bounteous Jupiter and it’s been gracing this part of your chart since August 2015. In fact, this is the last hoorah as next month on September 9th, Jupiter will leave Virgo and enter Libra.

So here’s your opportunity to focus on your lifestyle, your work, the mind-body-soul connection and do what you can to feel fit and healthy and get yourself in tip-top condition. Know too that on the 30th, Mercury turns retrograde in Virgo and as next month brings two eclipses cutting across the Virgo/Pisces axis of your chart, it’s extra important to focus on work and health now.

If you already suspect there might be changes at your place of work or employment, plan ahead, do what you can to be prepared. Jupiter rules freedom too so you might be letting go of work now or moving away from employment that’s run its course.

Most importantly, ensure you back up correspondence and key documents before trickster Mercury turns tail in the heavens. At its best, Virgo is thorough, detailed, organised and in August, you’re wise to do the same.

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