Are We Born Lucky Or Do We Create Our Own Luck?

Lucky 7 badgeOn the day that Venus and Jupiter connect in the heavens, I want to look more closely at Jupiter. In traditional astrology, Jupiter is called the “Greater Benefic”, which means planet of good fortune.

Jupiter is the biggest planet in the heavens and the astrologer’s favourite, bestowing blessings, prosperity, honour and happiness. Simply put, it’s the luckiest planet, but are we born lucky or do we create our own luck?

Astrologers await Jupiter transits eagerly for their own and their clients’ charts (a transit is when Jupiter makes connections with the planets in the birth chart) and sometimes Jupiter does bestow gifts, e.g. I received my engagement ring on Christmas Day 2011, the day that Jupiter turned direct in the heavens. A wonderful blessing.

In fact, I have always considered myself a lucky person, especially when I was a child. My Dad used to call me his lucky mascot and if ever there was a raffle ticket to buy or a competition to enter, he’d let me choose or buy the ticket and quite often we won. In my birth chart, I have the Sun in Scorpio in a trine (helpful) aspect to Jupiter in Pisces. I do consider myself a lucky person on the whole and many blessings have come my way over the years. So perhaps it is true that having a well-placed Jupiter in your chart means you’re born lucky.

However, I can still vividly remember how I experienced luck as a child. Firstly, I was always 100% confident that I would win a raffle or a competition and I see that same total belief in my daughter. Secondly, I trusted my intution and if I went with my first instinct, I was often right.

Two of Jupiter’s attributes are optimism and faith and if you google ‘luck’ on the internet, you can find extensive research about lucky people. This shows that attitude has a lot to do with luck and that nurturing a positive belief and trusting your intuition are both ways to increase your luck potential.

In addition Jupiter expands what it touches and being expansive is another way of increasing your luck. Lucky people make the most of their opportunities and instead of focusing exclusively on a specific goal, they’re open to possibility so they don’t miss out on what’s going on around them. They tend to think big and take risks in life, they’re willing to explore, travel, try a new course, keep learning and have a wide network of contacts and friends.

In astrology Jupiter rules the world and all the ways we expand our lives physically, mentally and spiritually. So it rules travel, learning, religion, philosophy and any area of life that inspires your growth. Think big, take risks and again this improves your luck potential.

Jupiter is constantly moving through the zodiac so wherever it is in your birth chart, you can gain a huge dollop of Jupiter’s good fortune as it moves through the different houses of your chart (representing different areas of your life) and when Jupiter transits planets in your chart. But don’t sit back and do nothing. Use Jupiter’s potential for good luck to improve your own prospects and make the most of what this wonderful planet has to offer. Are we born lucky or do we create our own luck? I’d say it was a little bit of both.

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[Blog post inspired by Bianca Tait’s post, Two of My Lucky Moments]

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