Aquarius Your Year Ahead 2016

Aquarius, 2016Ed Sheeran Sun Aquarius (b. February 17 1991)

singer/songwriter, beat-boxer, acoustic guitarist

 his individual style mixes pop, folk & hip hop and has won him a huge fan base 

Aquarius 2016 – Summary (see Special Offer below on how to purchase your in-depth annual horoscope).

The alliances you form in 2016 make the biggest difference to your life. This is linked to your working life, your role in the community or what you do for fun and leisure. You’ll be invited to play a leading role within a group, band, society or cause.

You unite the old and the new when you share your experience with others, either teaching youth or young people or passing on your knowledge to people seeking answers.

Technology too has a part to play in you finding your voice whether you use social media to good effect, set up a website or you use the internet to find people who are interested in similar areas of activity to yourself.

Your money fortunes are boosted when you get sound advice from experts and/or make successful partnership moves. Engage your common sense and business head at all times and don’t get carried away on a whim. Invest in your future and look to property to bring you a solid investment.

A desire to be free and spread your wings sees you visiting distant lands in the last quarter of the year. A move abroad is a strong possibility.

Your love life is strengthened through everyday matters which connect you on a practical and resourceful level. Working as a team brings you close. When a chance to get back on the love merry-go-round comes your way, you need to decide carefully where your priorities lie.

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