Aquarius Your Year Ahead 2015

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Wedding of the year!  

Amal Alamuddin, human rights lawyer, Sun Aquarius (b. February 3 1978

married George Clooney on September 27 2014 when Jupiter was in Leo



Aquarius 2015 Year Ahead Summary

There is every chance that 2015 is going to be a bumper year for you with regard to love and relationships and for some, weddings bells are on the horizon. Getting your relationships right is a key feature of your year and it’s not just in your personal life where you can expect positive movement but in your professional partnerships too.

Use your growing social network not only to fulfil your personal need for fun but to tap into your belief system, do more of what you love and find a worthy cause that satisfies your burning desire to make a difference.

Work light not hard becomes your new motto and a streamlined approach to finances and some money luck later in the year helps you fulfil new work goals. The ultimate key to your success however is to have the right people in place who you know you can rely on and turn to for their advice and expertise.

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