A Quick Guide to Aquarius

Aquarius Birthdays: January 21 to February 18
Zodiac Symbol: The Water-bearer
Ruling Planet: Saturn – traditional; Uranus – modern
Mode/Element: Fixed Air
Colour: Electric blue, neon colours
Part of the Body: Shins, ankles and circulation
Day of the Week: Saturday
Top Traits: Forward-thinking, Unique, Socially Responsible
Your Star Sign Mission: to join with like-minded people to further goals that benefit society; to rattle the status quo
Best At: thinking outside the box, genius ideas, being a maverick, finding your tribe, backing a good cause, taking a stand, knowing your own mind, advancing the realms of knowledge
Weaknesses: easily distracted, emotionally detached, space cadet, stubborn, dogmatic, perverse
Key Phrase: I evaluate
Aquarius Quote: “Be yourself. Embrace your quirks. Being weird is a wonderful thing.” Ed Sheeran


How to describe Aquarius in a Tweet: Hippy boho type, into new age & latest gadgets. Loves community living & social equality. Can be Spock-like, favours mental intelligence.

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Astrology Talk - Star Sign Series Video: Aquarius

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