Aquarius October 2020

Aquarius October 2020, aurora

If October is going to teach you anything, it’s that you must be patient and can’t expect things to work out straightaway. Two of the inner planets are on go slow this month, so there’s a theme of retracing your steps and potential delays or frustrations.

Mars Retrograde

The main planet retrograde is Mars, the action planet. Mars is currently in Aries and your communication sector.

Traditionally, Mars in Aries wants to travel from A to B fast and get things moving. That may not be possible while Mars is in retreat and this is why you could feel frustrated.

Mars in Aries can be argumentative as well as passionate, hurtful as well as go-getting. Also, Mars runs into other significant planets throughout October, the key dates being the 9th and 19th. Choose your battles carefully.

The Full Moon in Aries on the 1st could point the way forward for you. This lights up your travel and study sectors.

It’s not going to be easy now if you are held back or unable to embrace the freedom you want or need. This month’s astrology requires the art of patience but it doesn’t mean do nothing.

Mars opposes the Sun in Libra and your travel sector on the 13th. Get active if this feels right for you. Mars in Aries needs to move.

Plus, the New Moon on the 16th falls in Libra, a symbol of new beginnings. At the very least, ensure you have plans B, C and D up your sleeve and be extra flexible and adaptable throughout October.

Mars in Aries is the activist and you could get caught up in arguments or disputes this month. Take care where you channel your energy and know that tempers could flare and fast.

If you want to join a protest this month, your stars look lively, although you need to be wary of getting arrested or being limited in some other way.

Mercury Retrograde

October is a good month to be thinking about what next and reviewing your current work situation or future path. This is because communication planet Mercury is in Scorpio and your career and vocation sector until the 28th and is joined by the Sun in Scorpio on the 22nd.

However, be aware that Mercury turns retrograde on the 14th and is on go slow until early November. This is the time to go back over old ground, look up old contacts and think second chances.

If you can take time out to rework your future strategy or goals, do so. Seeds that are sown this month could transform your current career or life situation further down the line.

Uranus Kicks In

To add to the topsy turvy feel of this month’s astrology, your co-ruler Uranus is also in action. Uranus opposes Mercury on the 7th and 20th and is caught up in a lively Full Moon on the 31st, the second Full Moon in October, a Blue Moon.

The Mercury-Uranus oppositions indicate debates or disputes. Uranus demands freedom of speech and you may sense the humanitarian side of your nature seeking expression.

The Full Moon could coincide with a sudden decision on your part to leave a job or to move home. Alternatively, life could step in and open the door for change. Personal relationships could be another catalyst for moving on.

It’s hard to stay still this month and it’s wise to react and respond quickly when necessary. Know, however, that the picture will shift again come November.

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