Aquarius Monthly Stars September 2014

Aquarius.Zeeshan A KhanAquarius (20 January-18 February)

September’s the month to turn your attention to sensible matters and make some key decisions regarding finances and work. This is especially pertinent for you if you found the Bank Holiday weekend (August 25th) tough-going and felt burnt out or overwhelmed. Here’s an opportunity to take a step back, reconsider and consolidate your position.

That doesn’t mean there’s no work involved but it does mean learning to delegate or work as a part of a team, get advisers on your side to make your life run more smoothly and put organisational schemes in place that save you both time and money.

The reason for this is the fact that there’s a strong emphasis on earth signs this month and earth signs are about being practical and doing what’s necessary to feel safe and secure. Both the Sun and Venus are in Virgo for most of September, the Sun up until the 23rd and Venus from the 5th-29th.

Virgo rules joint finances in your chart so whether you call in the accountants, work out your budget or financial system, this is about getting organised and making the most of your money. Check out all your financial ties and transactions to ensure you’re on the best deals and make the time to sort out filing or paperwork. Virgo is nothing if not thorough and loves to pay attention to detail.

There are some helpful aspects between the Sun and Venus, Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio. Pluto in Capricorn is tucked away in your chart and creating some quiet time or solitude for yourself can help you charge through a host of tasks and work-related matters. The Sun teams up with Pluto on the 3rd and Venus teams up with Pluto on the 14th. This is a chance to focus and get things done.

Plus the Sun goes on to aspect Saturn in Scorpio and your career sector on the 11th followed by a Venus/Saturn on the 21st. This isn’t dynamic work or career energy but it’s solid and steady. Saturn’s been in your career sector since late 2012 and will move on at the end of this year so you may be starting to wrap up a long-term project or working towards completion in a job.

Some of you will be negotiating with authorities or keeping the boss happy with this month’s earthy energy. Think partnership and work hard to reach a settlement and meet your deadlines. It’s not fun, fun, fun by any means but the more you clear the decks now and the more you deal with the serious stuff, the easier the rest of the year so jump to it.

There’s also a gentle reminder to pay attention to money matters at the Full Moon on the 9th. This cuts across the Virgo/Pisces axis of your chart and the following day there’s a Venus-Neptune opposition in the same signs. Neptune and Pisces are a nebulous energy; they shift and flow which is great for your imagination and letting life guide you but as Neptune is currently in your cash sector, it’s important not to let money slip through your fingers or pretend everything is going to be alright when you suspect it’s not. Same goes if you’re dealing with someone you don’t trust. Keep your trust antennae highly tuned and don’t let anything go unnoticed or unspoken.

The trickiest period of the month is the 9th-13th and you need to be careful what you do and don’t say on or around this period. There may be a repeat of an old argument or an issue that keeps rearing its head. If someone challenges what you believe in this can be the trigger that lights the fuse so choose your battles carefully.

That’s not to say that this month is all about the hard stuff, in fact, there’s a lot of lively planetary energy too. Mercury, the planet of communication, is in your fellow air sign of Libra, ruling travel, study, spirituality and any path in life that broadens your horizons and widens your experience. Mercury remains in Libra from the 2nd-27th and any plans to travel or go on holiday will be fun-filled. Chat to friends, plan some new adventures and don’t allow life to become too boring or mundane. You’re at your best when you have new ideas and plans on the horizon.

The New Moon falls in Libra this month on the 24th, a brilliant day to set off on holiday or begin a new course of study or adventure. The New Moon is a symbol for making a fresh start and embracing new beginnings.

Plus the best aspect of the month and one of the best of the year takes place the following day on the 25th. This is a brilliant connection between planets in fire signs, Jupiter in Leo and your relationship sector and Uranus in Aries and your communication sector. Put the two together and there’s a real possibility of meeting someone new who lights up your life. Plus if there’s someone you’re interested in, this is a definite green light to make a move and get to know them better.

If you’re in a relationship or married, there’s a chance that your partner will delight you in the last week of the month and for some this could be a proposal of marriage or the words ‘I love you’ depending on your current situation. Doing something new and different together is the way to revive your relationship so have fun and put the zing back into your love life.

Jupiter and Uranus together however do symbolise freedom as well as excitement so for some it may be a choice to leave a relationship behind that’s tying you down or where you feel trapped. Be around people who have a positive energy and turn to friends you love for a romantic introduction or to celebrate good times. The last week of the month has the feel-good factor and you’re slap bang in the middle of the action.

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