Aquarius Monthly Stars September 2013

Aquarius Oil PaintingAquarius (20 January-18 February)

This may turn out to be a big month, Aquarius, for a number of reasons. Firstly Mars, the planet of action, is storming through your opposite sign of Leo bringing confidence and passion to your personal relationships but possibly an argument or two as well.

Certainly this is a time when your love life can heat up almost to boiling point and with Mars dominant it’s a good month to seek out love or engage with your other half. Mars is a direct energy, urging you to go for what you want and iron out any issues or problems.

The 14th looks brilliant for a date or meeting someone new when Mars trines Uranus, planet of spontaneity. Ask someone out on a date or initiate a conversation with your partner and be bold in your interactions.

The Sun is the planet that rules your partner in your chart and up until the 22nd the Sun’s in the earth sign Virgo. If you’re in a relationship, this means sorting out practicalities such as finances, living together, who earns what and how you balance the books. Money’s also under the spotlight this month as the lunar phases are focused on the finance sectors of your chart. On the 5th there’s a New Moon in Virgo, a great date to begin any new project that’s cash-related. Be thorough and set up a new accounts system or double-check that you’ve got the best cash deals and your money situation is as ship shape as it can be. The Full Moon takes place two weeks later on the 19th and cuts across the Pisces/Virgo axis of your chart. This may bring new understanding or insight regarding your finances and there’s a good chance to sort things out for the better. Whether you’re sharing resources or you have new work coming in, take this opportunity to stop and acknowledge what you have achieved and what you would like to come to fruition.

Work and career are an important focus and have been since October 2012 when Saturn, one of your ruling planets, entered Scorpio and your career sector. Whether this brings you a period of hard work or extra responsibilities, Saturn’s the ‘get real’ planet and you don’t get anything for nothing when he’s in town. You may find yourself in a new position of authority or you may be at a turning point and know that you can’t keep going for much longer in your current work situation, whether it’s physically tiring or draining you in other ways.

The most important dates on the work front this month are the 20th/21st when Pluto turns direct in Capricorn and Saturn and Pluto create a sextile or helpful aspect in the heavens. Now admittedly these two planets are the heavyweights of the heavens and sometimes there has to be a loss or ending before you can move on. You may need to close a door on the past or change your situation in some way.

Pluto’s in the most hidden sector of your chart so whether it’s an ethical issue or you want to be true to who you are, for some there’ll be an important shift this month. It’s as if you’re leaving the past behind in order to create a new future for yourself.

Saturn and Pluto have met twice before at the end of December 2012 and again in early March of this year and this is the third and final meeting. It feels especially powerful as Pluto turns direct the day before they meet signalling an inner shift or a necessary transition.

Plus the north node, the karmic point, is in Scorpio and it’s at the same place in the heavens as Saturn so the decisions you make now or the events that take place connected to your work, career and vocation feel profound. You may look back at this period in your life and realise that the changes you made were for the better even if you only found a new direction in life because you first experienced a rejection.

Interestingly, Venus is also in the mix, the planet of relating as Venus enters Scorpio on the 11th and teams up with Saturn on the 18th. A love relationship may influence a work decision now or you find that love and work are interlinked in some way. Falling for your boss or someone you work with could create difficulties in your work situation and this is the reason why there’s a turning point. Obviously it depends on your personal situation but these are important times for you and the decisions you make will determine your future path.

Thinking about your stars for September I came across this quote which seemed relevant for Pluto’s change of direction in your inner sector: “You cannot travel back in time to fix your mistakes, but you can learn from them and forgive yourself for not knowing better”. Our past shapes our future and with Saturn powerful up at the top of your chart until the end of next year, you need to keep your goals in sight as you work relentlessly towards them.

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  1. Hello Sally.
    Thankyou foryour insights into Aquarius readings for the month. Also the great reminder that we sometimes need as we move forward in life (referring to relevant quote for Pluto going forward in 12th house. Enjoy your day

    Jen l

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