Aquarius Monthly Stars September 2012

Aquarius Ukraine StampThere’s an interesting duo of planetary aspects on the 3rd that point the way forward in your work or career and where you’re heading in life. You have two ruling planets and your traditional planet Saturn is currently in your fellow air sign Libra. On the 3rd Saturn squares Venus in Cancer, ruling your work and everyday routine.

This puts the brakes on and it’s a reality check. Slow things down and look honestly at what’s working and what’s not with regard to these areas of life. Sometimes you have to close a door completely before you can head in a new direction.

On the same day, the 3rd, Mars in Scorpio up at the top of your chart connects with dynamic Pluto. This is a magical combination that taps in to the fearless side of your nature. It’s about following your dreams and being determined and focused to make things happen.

The two aspects taking place together signal that this may be time for you to give up the day job and follow your true vocation (or any personal equivalent). It’s about being extraordinary rather than ordinary and creating new opportunities for yourself. This is linked to your creativity as on the 2nd there’s an invisible shift in the heavens when the Moon’s nodes leave the Gemini/Sagittarius axis and move backwards one sign.

The Moon’s nodes are determined by the pathway of the Moon and are karmic points in the chart. The north node, your destiny, will be in the sign of Scorpio for the next 18 months so here’s your moment to follow your star and achieve something remarkable. The south node, often the place where you’re stuck and your comfort zone where it’s easy and safe, leaves Gemini. This is significant because Jupiter is currently in Gemini, the planet of opportunity and risk-taking, and Gemini rules your luck and creative flow. Jupiter has been in Gemini since early June and remains there until June 2013. Here’s your green light to create your masterpiece and to be more creative in your life.

Kids too are ruled by Gemini in your chart so this may be about having children or working out a way to be with your kids more rather than less or simply being a good role model for them.

On a more mundane level, there are practical matters to consider this month especially for those of you in a long-term relationship or marriage. Both the Sun and Mercury are in the sign of Virgo ruling emotions and joint finances so this is the time to work out how to live with someone, share monies equally and divide chores and practical matters between you.

It’s also about straightening out your own finances, checking out that you have the best money deals and getting your books in order. Don’t leave anything to chance and the more orderly you are and the more you know your stuff, the better. Start reading the financial pages in the paper and become cash savvy.

It’s not just about practical issues in love, however, as on the 6th, Venus, planet of love, moves into Leo and your opposite sign where it remains for the rest of the month. This is glorious for relationships and if a love connection has been on-off throughout the summer or you’ve felt a sense of distance from your other half, this can now change. It’s good news for those of you who are looking for love and the 13th and 21st look gorgeous for meeting someone new.

Finally this month the 19th sees the second Uranus/Pluto square in the heavens. The first square took place at the end of the June so think back to that time in order to see what happened in your own life. This is a volatile combination but it’s key for you as Uranus is your modern ruling planet and in Aries this is about communication. Yours is renowned as the techy sign, although not all Aquarians are technologically-minded. However, this is your cue to update your skills and embrace the new. If you love your gadgets, find a way to work with them to enhance your own life.

Online connections are key and in some form or other you discover the rebel or inventor inside you. The square is a challenging energy and this is about finding your voice, being provocative, standing up against injustice and doing your bit for the world. Tap into your humanitarian side and become an eco-warrior, a protester, a voice. If you look deep into your conscience you’ll know where you want to make a stand. It won’t be easy but it’s something you can’t avoid.

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