Aquarius Monthly Stars October 2012

Aquarius MandalaMars, the action planet, starts the month up at the top of your chart in the sign of Scorpio. Mars is strong in Scorpio and dynamic and a sign that you need to turn your attention towards your career or vocation in life. Where are you heading and what do you want? For some, this coincides with a move up the career ladder, taking on a new position or responsibility but definitely looking ahead.

On the 5th, Mercury, planet of communication, and Saturn, one of your ruling planets, join Mars in Scorpio and this is where the hard work begins. Over the next few weeks, you’re wise to arrange meetings or interviews and set up key conversations or negotiations, not only to improve your work situation but your finances as well.

The 16th and 25th are key dates for financial negotiation, whether you’re talking to the bank manager, want to ask for a loan, need to consolidate debts or sort out some other form of financial matter that requires your attention. Act fast, however, as next month Mercury turns retrograde and you may have to review your situation and rethink your next steps.

But let’s take a closer look at Saturn in Scorpio. This is a huge shift for you and an opportunity to get serious about your work or where you’re heading. Saturn is the taskmaster of the heavens so you need to look at the bigger picture and how you’re going to achieve your goals. As Saturn remains in Scorpio until 2015, now’s the time to draw up a new business plan or commit to a long-term work project.

Saturn benefits from good time management, self-discipline, structure and strong foundations. This isn’t about achieving overnight success. Instead it’s about planning for the future and proving you can do what you say and stick to your commitments. In many respects it’s up to you whether this next phase in life is a success or not. However if you do encounter difficulties, be aware that Saturn requires mettle and commitment. You need to prove you’re a survivor and that when you’re tested you don’t give up.

There’s a real chance to turn your financial situation around at the same time. Neptune is currently in Pisces and your money sector which is lovely as it’s creative and inspirational and encourages you to dream (wealth affirmations anyone?). However, it’s no good chanting for more money if you’re not prepared to do the work. Neptune lacks boundaries but again with some hard work and structure, you have the potential to improve your financial situation. The 11th looks promising when Saturn and Neptune combine in the heavens as does the 23rd when the Sun in Scorpio teams up with Neptune. These are great dates to work at turning your dreams into reality.

Being one of the air signs, this means you tend to work better as part of a team, alongside other people so you can bounce ideas off one another. The stars back this theory up in October and the 15th looks brilliant for coming up with good ideas and beginning a new initiative with a partner or team of people.

Mars, the action planet, is in your group and friendship sector from the 7th and on the 15th Mars teams up with livewire Uranus, your second ruling planet, in your communication sector. This is on the same day as a New Moon in your fellow air sign of Libra, so a brilliant date to begin a course, have a remarkable conversation that inspires you and to learn from others.

If you’re looking for love, you’re most likely to meet someone when you’re doing something different, as love and foreign connections and education are all linked. This isn’t a key month for love and partnership unless you and your other half are going into business together. For now, focus on your work and let love come second.

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