Aquarius Monthly Stars June 2014

Aquarius Month of FebruaryAquarius (20 January-18 February)

There’s a certain amount of juggling that needs to take place this month in order to get the balance back in your life, even if only for a short while, so you can clear the decks ready to move on.

Work is one area that’s under the cosmic lens as you debate what’s important and whether the perks you’ve been enjoying are enough to outweigh the other more pressing factors. Jupiter, planet of opportunity, has been in the sign of Cancer and your work sector since last June but moves on mid-July. It’s picking up speed now and whether this is related to work abroad or a freelance contract, you realise that the balance is shifting and the issue of too much work or too little work needs to be addressed.

What’s important to know about this month is that it’s a time of soul-searching and you can use the month most effectively if you treat it as such. Don’t rush to make a decision but notice what’s going on especially if your work clashes with your life principles and your bigger vision.

The key turning point comes on the 7th when Mercury turns retrograde in this same sector of your chart. This coincides with an about-turn whether it’s circumstances beyond your control or your own chain of thought that triggers the change of plan.

Let things be for a while and once the Sun moves into Cancer on the day of the Summer Solstice, the 21st, followed by a New Moon in Cancer on the 27th, you’ll be ready to wipe the slate clean and start making some key work decisions. The real turning point comes mid-July when Mercury returns to the sign of Cancer and your new work adventure can begin.

One part of the puzzle fits into place when you realise that money isn’t the be-all and end-all and no longer your main motivation. A true vocation or mission in life is rarely financially-motivated but when you follow your heart and give in to your passion, that’s where true wealth can be found.

Another sign that there’s some soul-searching this month is due to the planet Mars clashing with the Uranus-Pluto square for the third and final time. Mars is in your fellow air sign of Libra and this rules all the areas of life that expand your thinking and your experience, e.g. travel, education, spirituality and all that gives your life meaning.

Mars hasn’t had an easy journey through this sector of your chart however and whatever conflict arose at the end of last year, over Christmas and New Year 2013, you’re now at the tail end of this particular stage. Mars clashes with Pluto on the 14th and Uranus on the 25th so whether there’s a difference of opinion, a crisis of conscience or an out-and-out battle, there’s one situation that’s got to come to an end.

This may involve someone who has very different ideas or opinions to your own which just don’t tally with what you believe or it may be that one course of action hasn’t worked out and however hard you try, it’s not coming together. Think about any area that is linked to adventure and new experiences to know what this means in your own life. Come month’s end you’ll be ready to make your decision and see this month’s events as a chance to clear the decks so you can start afresh.

On the 17th, Mercury reverses back into Gemini, the third air sign, and the sign that rules entertainment, fun, laughter and all the good things in life. You may find you take a step backward to recreate some good times from the past, catching up with old friends and revisiting a fun event or two. Be flexible however and have plan B and C up your sleeve and go wherever life leads. When it comes to love, you may encounter a blast from the past, someone you fell in love with many moons ago.

This will be a slow burn romance, getting to know someone all over again and there’s no reason to rush into things. One or both of you may not be fully available, either emotionally or literally, so bide your time. Once Mercury turns direct on July 1st, then you’ll have a clearer picture of the situation and you’ll know whether it’s a green light for love.

Plus on the 23rd, Venus, the love planet, also enters Gemini and this is when things really start to hot up. Whether you’re in love, out of love or somewhere in between, over the course of the last week of June and the whole of July, love and relationships take centre stage.

As Jupiter enters Leo and your relationship sector on July 16th where it remains for a whole year, this is where celebration and happiness lies, in the events of your love life. Personal relationships will begin to take priority in your life from this month onwards and, for some of you, that’s something very new and different.

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