Aquarius Monthly Stars June 2013

Aquarius Kitschensyngk 2Aquarius (20 January-18 February)

If you can take a break from the treadmill this month and devote yourself to the pursuit of pleasure, you’d be in tune with your stars. Even if the treadmill remains busy, you should still be able to find a way to devote at least some time to the things and people you love.

This is because as the month begins, the Sun (self), Mars (action) and Jupiter (opportunity) are all in your fellow air sign of Gemini ruling the sector of your chart that’s dedicated to children, creativity, romance, fun, entertainment and the good things in life. You want to play rather than work when you have planets here and it’s a great time to pursue whatever you’re passionate about.

There are some key dates to note, firstly the 8th when there’s a New Moon in Gemini, signalling new beginnings and the chance to make a fresh start. As this New Moon falls on a Saturday it’s a great night for a party or social bash. It’s a good opportunity to meet someone new if you’re looking for love.

The 17th and 19th are also noteworthy as on the 17th Mars in Gemini connects with your ruler Uranus in Aries. Be spontaneous, ask someone out, do something unexpected and impulsive and indulge your rebel tendencies. The 19th is the luckiest date of the month when the Sun and Jupiter connect in the heavens. This happens once a year and this time around it’s in your fun and fertile sector.This signals a celebration, news of a pregnancy or birth, a creative coup or some brilliant entertainment.

This is Jupiter’s last blast in Gemini before it leaves this sector of your chart on the 26th and what takes place on or around the 19th may be the culmination of events that have been brewing over the last 12 months. Enjoy whatever takes place in your own life.

Saturn is your co-ruling planet and up at the top of your chart and slowing down in the heavens, this spotlights your career and work. Saturn in this sector of your chart often indicates responsibilities, commitment and endurance. You get nothing for free and tend to have to work hard to achieve your goals and aims.

This month and next, however, Saturn is one apex of five grand trines, i.e. a triangle of planets in the heavens. In each grand trine, Saturn in Scorpio is trine Neptune in Pisces, highlighting work and money matters and combining imagination with persistence brings rewards. Done well, this combination can turns dreams into reality. However, when it’s a grand water trine, you may feel as if you’re all at sea and lost in the emotional realm. It’s a watery world and for whatever reason, work and money are emotional or sentimental matters.

Neptune dominates the action on the 7th so take care that you’re not deluded or deceived on or around this date. Neptune can paint a pretty picture but the results don’t always match the potential. If someone suggests a financial venture, ensure you research it thoroughly and get expert advice before going ahead. The 11th may be the best date to make progress when Saturn and Neptune are exactly in trine.

This month’s stars do suggest that you’re on the verge of a breakthrough as planets in Cancer complete the grand trine whether for you this means a new job, less hours and more freedom or an easier way of working. Colleagues and connections make your life a lot easier throughout the month so share your ideas, problems or anything else with others. You may be surprised how much it helps to combine forces with other people.

The best news for your work, routine and lifestyle, however, is the fact that Jupiter, planet of opportunity, enters Cancer on the 26th and for the next 12 months Jupiter will be blessing this sector of your chart. This is good news for your health and well-being too and the more you take advantage of new opportunities that come your way the better.

Respect the mind-body-soul connection and see good health as a holistic issue. Working too hard or being anxious about lack of work is never easy but there are simple changes you can implement that will help you cope and they start with sleeping well, eating healthily, taking regular exercise and learning relaxation techniques.

At times this month you may feel as if you’re on a twisty route rather than a straight path as Mercury, the communication planet is slowing down and will turn retrograde on the 26th. Communicating well may be an issue so at times learn to say less rather than more and hold your tongue rather than vent your frustrations at others. New information comes to light mid-July that will help you decide your next steps.

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