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There’s plenty of opportunity for pleasure this June as the planets stack up in your fellow air sign of Gemini. Gemini rules the sector of your chart that’s associated with children, creativity, entertainment and love affairs, all the good things in life. However, there may be some unexpected twists and turns along the way, as there’s some contradictory astrological activity.

Firstly, there’s the second of two eclipses on the 4th June cutting across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis. This is a lunar or Full Moon eclipse that follows on from last month’s solar or New Moon eclipse on the 20th May. Think back to what took place on or around that date. The symbolism of eclipses is often to do with something hidden coming to light and can indicate dramatic events, things beyond your control.

This month’s lunar eclipse may signal changes for a friend, child or creative project in which you’re involved. However, there’s also a strong chance that what takes place is extremely pleasurable as the much-talked about Venus transit of the Sun on the 5th/6th June links in with this eclipse. The Venus transit is a once-in-a-lifetime event and occurs in pairs. The first of the two transits took place on June 8 2004 but the next one won’t occur until 2117.

Venus is Goddess of love and in Gemini this puts the spotlight on love, pleasure and money. It may be a pregnancy, a birth, the launch of a creative project or some other good news. A love affair is a strong possibility for some of you as is falling head-over-heels in love. This astrological activity may simply play out as wonderful entertainment or spending time with your children or good friends over the Diamond Jubilee (UK) weekend, which puts a smile on your face and gladdens your heart.

Venus, however, is retrograde until the 27th June, i.e. on go slow and this backs up the theme of secrets or hidden information but in a fun sector of your chart. This may be about indulging yourself, guilty pleasures or focusing on play rather than work as much as possible. You may also have a secret desire that you’re telling no-one and keeping to yourself.

Jupiter, planet of opportunity, also enters Gemini on the 11th June where it remains until June 26, 2013. As Jupiter rules expansion, again this suggests there may be a welcome addition to your family or a big romance, but the focus is firmly on having fun and enjoying your life to the full.

Turning to more serious issues, this month’s activity suggests it’s time to finalise a property or financial deal, perhaps something that’s been dragging on since last year. Wrap things up as best you can and if any financial matter is giving you stress, hopefully when Mars finally leaves the sector of your chart ruling joint finances early next month, you can draw a line under it.

Personal money is more go with the flow as you now have Neptune in your cash zone. Money may flow in but it can just as easily flow out and the point to remember with Neptune is it’s a boundless energy. Basically this means take care with your spending and don’t get too carried away with an unrealistic financial picture. Yes, Neptune can be extraordinarily visionary and creative but it requires structure and foundation to function well.

Take note in particular of what happens on or around 25th June. On this date, Jupiter squares Neptune in your cash zone, plus your planet Saturn turns direct in the heavens in your fellow air sign of Libra. This may me about wanting to do something for the environment, a charity or a religious cause. You may feel strongly that you need to make a big gesture but do be careful that whatever you decide doesn’t leave you out of pocket. Same goes if you wish to travel or begin a course of study, make sure that you have the necessary finance to fund your plans. You can be extremely logical, rational and efficient so use these skills to make your dreams happen.

Finally, your co-ruler Uranus is tied in with the challenging Uranus/Pluto square that plays out over the next three years and the first contact is exact on 24th June. Being an Aquarius, you may have very fixed opinions about the way things are done but this aspect is urging you to be flexible and keep an open mind. You may find that your way of thinking is severely challenged and it’s important to find a way to be honest about your own motivations or hidden desires.

You may also discover how important it is to have a voice, whether you decide to speak up to defend others’ rights or you become the voice of dissent. Aquarians are often involved in social, political or environmental concerns and as more individuals stand up against corruption or bureaucracy around the world under the Uranus/Pluto square, you too will want to stand up for what you believe in and hold true to your principles.

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