Aquarius Monthly Stars July 2014

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July is a major month this year with lots of activity going on and some big decisions to make. One thing’s for sure, you’re unlikely to be bored!

Being an Aquarius you have two ruling planets and the first Saturn is your traditional ruler and the taskmaster of the heavens. Saturn has been up at the top of your chart ruling your career since October 2012 either turning you into a workaholic or ceasing your work for one reason or another. It’s rarely an easy ride when the tough planet Saturn gets it’s mitts on you even if this has coincided with a new position of responsibility or authority.

On July 20th, Saturn turns direct in Scorpio and begins its final journey through this sector of your chart up until the end of the year when it leaves Scorpio and moves on. Saturn’s change of direction may necessitate a course of action or make you more determined to sort things out for the better. This depends on your current situation what it means for you personally but it might mean you decide to work less rather than more, tackle a period of unemployment with fresh resolve, face up to the boss or let go of a status position.

A few days later Mars, the action planet joins Saturn in Scorpio where it remains until September 13th 2014. Mars is strong and powerful in Scorpio and backs up your drive and determination to take charge or to confront a difficult situation. You’re turbo-powered and will be determined that things can’t remain the same. It is an ambitious combination too if you have a strong desire to follow a passion or vocation that you believe in.

There’s another planetary event that takes place this month which suggests a major change to your everyday routine or your work situation. This is the planet of luck and opportunity, Jupiter, which leaves the sign of Cancer on July 16th. Jupiter takes approximately one year to move through each sign of the zodiac and it’s been in Cancer since June 2013.

In theory, this will have helped whilst Saturn’s been in your career sector as Cancer rules your everyday work sector. Jupiter connects with your dreams and vision and gives you freedom whereas Saturn represents restriction. When you get the two working in tandem, however, you can turn dreams into reality and use Jupiter’s breadth of vision to concretise your goals.

Jupiter hasn’t had an easy run through Cancer as he’s had to deal with the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square which has dominated the heavens since 2012. These two planets together are a disruptive entity and bring chaos and unexpected events. Pluto’s hidden away in your chart in your preceding sign of Capricorn and Uranus is in Aries and your communication sector.

For some this means a hidden opponent, someone who’s been working against you and not made your work journey easy at all. For others, this may have involved a health scare or a period when you’ve doubted yourself and struggled with your inner emotions.

Jupiter’s change of sign confirms that things are beginning to shift this month and you can start to see the solution to any immediate work or health-related problems. However, the personal planets do pick up the baton this month so you’re not completely out of the woods. The Sun in Cancer clashes with the Uranus-Pluto square on the 4th-8th, Mercury does the same from the 22nd-25th and Venus opposes Pluto on the 28th.

The best way to deal with Uranus and Pluto is to recognise that at its simplest form, the Uranus-Pluto symbol is ‘out with the old and in with the new’. You have to let go of whatever’s dark or toxic in your life even if it means you wipe the slate clean in order to begin again.

Uranus is your modern ruling planet and it is the planet of reinvention. Once you’ve let go of the past or whatever’s holding you back, only then can you implement what’s fresh, new and innovative. Uranus loves to have one eye on the future and take whatever steps are necessary to move you closer to your goals. The Full Moon on the 12th focuses on the Cancer-Capricorn axis of your chart and this is a key date to make a decision that aligns your head and your heart with regard to your work and/or your health.

July is a big month for love and this is the really blissful and exciting news. As July begins Mercury turns direct in Gemini, the equivalent of a green light bringing good news. Gemini rules love affairs in your chart but also children, creativity and entertainment. Basically it’s the good things in life and if June was foggy, July is a breath of fresh air. You know what you want, you hear the news you’ve been waiting for and you can make quick progress. Mercury remains in Gemini until the 13th.

In addition, Venus, Goddess of love, joins Mercury in Gemini where she remains until the 18th. This is a brilliant month to meet someone new and pencil in the 7th and the 13th as your best dates to find new love. Venus is in a kiss with Uranus on the 7th your ruler and a perfect date to be spontaneous in love.

Then Venus and Mars, the lovers of the heavens, unite on the 13th and love may have a foreign flavour. Mars has been in Libra and your travel sector since December 2013 and leaves your fellow air sign on the 26th. Before it does so, it cosies up to Venus which is good news for a holiday romance or meeting someone who can teach you or vice versa.

But the biggest and best news is Jupiter entering Leo, your opposite sign, and your relationship sector on the 16th. Jupiter is the free spirit, the pleasure merchant and wants to play big and soar high. As Jupiter remains here until August 11th 2015, this is a wonderful period to get love right and to do whatever it takes to bring you happiness. It’s good news for a business partnership or any kind of 1-to-1 collaboration but its love that feels special and for some, there will be wedding bells or a second honeymoon.

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