Aquarius Monthly Stars July 2012

Aquarius Maldives StampThis is a crazy and exciting month for you as your planet Uranus, which rules technology, revolution and risk-taking, is the most active planet. Uranus is currently in Aries, the sign that rules communication in your chart.

This is about the spoken and written word, websites, social media, transport, how you communicate – phones/laptops/gadgets – plus siblings, neighbours and your local community. Phew, quite a lot going on then already. One thing you can definitely expect are a lot of comings and goings, extra calls, texts, emails and a general sense of busy-ness but most of it will be fun.

It’s a good month for making new contacts as well and enjoying the people in your life. There’s a theme of second chances, either romantically, professionally or socially, wherever your interest lies. The one thing I’d add is the picture’s constantly changing so don’t become too attached to results and be willing to go with the flow and remain adaptable and flexible. Any kind of regular routine is hard to achieve with these stars so stay attuned to Uranus’ energy which is spontaneous rather than lean towards your co-ruler Saturn, which is a more rigid and structured energy.

The same applies for work and health too, so learn to tune in to your body. Know the peaks and troughs of your day, when you’re at you’re most focused and energetic and alternatively when you find it hard to concentrate or feel tired and low in energy. You may need to experiment a little to see what works best for you.

If you do have a day job or work the 9-5, then this is going to be slow going and boredom could be an issue. The social side of work will keep you upbeat, and gossip and texting a huge temptation. It’s a lively month if you work for yourself and especially on or around the 22nd when Jupiter and Uranus combine in the heavens, this is great news for all entrepreneurs. The two planets working together are expansive, inventive and promote spontaneous acts and risk-taking.

There’s also a strong emphasis on the part of your chart that rules travel, learning and new experiences. Mars, planet of action and energy, moves into your fellow air sign of Libra on the 3rd where it remains until late August and in Libra, Mars joins your co-ruler Saturn.

There needs to be a deeper level to your life now especially if you’re busy with everyday stuff and feel that you want something more or you’re missing out. Think about what you can do to revitalise your spirit, whether it’s combining study or some form of learning with a holiday or trip abroad, joining a society, group or association or simply reading some worthwhile books or supporting a local charity.

Yours is the most humanitarian and socially-oriented sign of the zodiac, so even though you can be happy with a fun, easy-going lifestyle, you feel most fulfilled when you’re chasing a deeper purpose in life. Mars in this area of your chart suggests it’s the perfect time to do so.

When it comes to love, it’s also a lively picture with Mercury in Leo all month and the Sun joining Mercury in your relationship sector on the 22nd. Plus the luckiest planets in the heavens, Venus and Jupiter are in your romance sector so this is the time to get out there and look for love if that’s what you want. Speed dating looks fun as does online dating so be bold and interact with others. Get your message out there and let people know what you want.

If you’re in a relationship or married, it’s all about communication. Mercury is the talk planet and on the 15th, Mercury turns retrograde in Leo and remains on go slow until August 8th. This is not the time to make a big decision about your love life but it is the time to reflect, review, revise and talk. Discuss any issues that you know need to be addressed, be honest with one another and put some energy and effort into your relationship. Create a date night once a week if love’s grown stale, talk about starting a family or spend quality time with your kids as a family. Whatever your personal situation, do what you can to put the fun and romance back into love. It may only take a couple of small changes to make a big difference.

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