Aquarius Monthly Stars January 2014

Aquarius SyrylynAquarius (20 January-18 February)

There is no point rushing headlong into 2014 as you need to start the year clearing some space and letting go of the things that no longer serve you. If you’re beginning 2014 with a silent retreat, you’re in tune with your stars.

This is because a New Moon takes place on New Year’s Day and it’s special this year as it not only includes the Sun and Moon but Mercury (communication) and Pluto (loss/power). All these planetary bodies are in the sign before yours Capricorn and for you this is the house of privacy and things that are hidden.

The most important task you can do as 2014 begins is look at what needs completing in your life before you start afresh. This may mean letting go of the past in some way, ditching resentments, de-cluttering literally and/or silencing your mind. Starting the year with a meditation may be more powerful than you realise.

In a similar vein, ensure that you’ve signed off properly from 2013 and looked at your achievements and where you fell short. What do you want more of? What do you want less of? What do you want to do differently?

Relationships too may be in a stage of hiatus as Venus, the planet of love, is in Capricorn and currently retrograde, i.e. on go slow. This suggests a pause to consider where you’re heading and what you want with regard to love. It may mean that your partner or the one you love is currently absent or unavailable or dealing with their own life issues which for now must come first. Venus turns direct on the last day of the month bringing a certainty in love and relationships, knowing where you’re heading and why.

Life begins to speed up mid-month when first Mercury, the communication planet, enters your sign of Aquarius on the 11th and secondly the Sun joins Mercury on the 20th. Now you can start to fire on all cylinders and make plans for the year ahead. When planets are in your own sign, the spotlight’s on your personal goals, your appearance and your image. This is the time to get your name out there and make your mark.

Your co-ruler Uranus is also lively once the personal planets start entering Aquarius and you should take note of the 17th and the 29th when Uranus sextiles Mercury and the Sun respectively. These are great days to have important conversations, to be spontaneous, to ask someone out on a date and to make progress in general.

Uranus rules technology so use the internet to your advantage. Join a dating site, start a blog, sign up to social media and find people of like minds. Start the conversation that’s going to make the biggest difference in your own life.

The end of the month is powerful as there’s a second New Moon on the 30th and this New Moon falls in your sign of Aquarius so here’s your chance to make a fresh start and set some new intentions.

Work and health also come under the cosmic spotlight as the month comes to a close as there’s a powerful opposition between the planets Jupiter and Pluto. Again you may need to look closely at what you’re ready to let go of and what’s lurking below the surface. Jupiter and Pluto together represent the opposing forces of freedom and control.

If you’re out of work, spread your net wide and seek out new opportunities, perhaps abroad, or study and gain new qualifications. If you feel trapped in the 9-to-5 how you can you change your current work situation to allow you more space and freedom? What can you do to boost your health?

This powerful opposition took place in August 2013 and will play out again in the heavens in April 2014 so it’s an ongoing theme of change and transformation especially regarding your work and your health.

Mars, the action planet, is also pushing you in a new direction as it’s in your fellow air sign of Libra and will remain here until the summer. For now it’s all stations go and you’ll be keen to expand your life whether physically through travel, mentally through learning, philosophically through teaching and sharing your wisdom or spiritually by exploring a new path in life.

This combination of Mars in Libra and Jupiter clashing with Pluto feels restless for you as if you’re searching or seeking something new. Notice how you feel on or around the 8th and the 16th and be guided by your emotions. Being logical isn’t enough, instead combine your head and your heart and follow where your passion leads you.

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