Aquarius Monthly Stars January 2013

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Happy New Year! 2013 arrives with a bang as Mars, the action planet, is in your sign of Aquarius and on the 1st Mars teams up with your ruling planet, Uranus. This feels sparky and inspirational and with Uranus in your communication sector listen out for some bright ideas.

The 1st is a great day to be impulsive and to take action. Call someone up out of the blue, check out what’s happening near where you live or invite new and old friends alike to celebrate the start of a new year with you.

If you can extend the holiday season, then do it. The focus is on you, your personal goals and doing more of what you enjoy in life. Mars moves on to connect with the planet of good times, Jupiter, on the 4th and this spells adventure and celebration. With Jupiter in Gemini, it’s good news for romance, having fun with the kids, being creative and all forms of entertainment.

If anything, the 7th is the date when it’s back to business as Saturn squares Mars in the heavens. Saturn is currently up at the top of your chart ruling your career, your status and reputation. Saturn is your second ruling planet and is powerful and strong in Scorpio, a formidable entity.

With regard to your work and career, this is about knuckling down, focusing on long-term goals and being prepared to work hard to achieve what you want. It’s a good time to accept a new position of responsibility. However, Saturn is nothing if not the taskmaster of the heavens, the get-real planet so the reality is that some of you may be out of work or in a job that you don’t especially like. If this is the case, you’ll notice it on or around the 7th especially if you find some of your personal goals are being quashed by a lack of work or a job that’s hard or dull.

It’s best to try and work with Saturn but at the same time to keep your spirits up. This is why it’s so important this month to ensure you’re doing what you love, whether in or out of work. You need people around you who make you laugh and who inspire you and you need to find activities that give you a buzz and make you feel alive. Saturn may slow down the show but acknowledge what you’ve achieved and keep moving forward, even if sometimes it feels like its one step at a time.

It’s important to create some quiet time this month as three of the planets move through the sign before yours Capricorn. This is about focusing inward and taking the time to reflect and contemplate the year that’s past and mulling over what the New Year will bring. If you allow it, your deepest insights come when you stop and do nothing. If meditation or yoga works for you then incorporate them into your daily routine. Outwardly, you’re energetic and busy (with Mars in your sign) but on the inside, find time to be still and quiet.

The 19th may feel like a turning point when the Sun and Mercury, planet of communication, move into your sign of Aquarius. These two planets make the same aspects as Mars (see above) and the week beginning the 21st looks lively and full of fun. Saturn’s in the mix urging you to consider the bigger picture but don’t miss out on enjoying life in the here and now and making the most of simple pleasures.

Love too plays its part this month with Venus, planet of love, in Capricorn and the hidden sector of your chart from the 9th. For whatever reason, whether you’re involved in an affair or not sure of your feelings, love feels secretive and tucked away. It’s potentially exciting but its next month, February, when you feel ready to declare your true feelings.

However, the major turning point for love comes at the end of the month, when there’s not only a Full Moon cutting across the Leo/Aquarius axis of your chart but Jupiter, planet of opportunity, turns direct in your romance sector on the 30th. These are two powerful green lights for love and the Full Moon suggests completion, a culmination.

Full Moons represent relationships on a basic level as the Sun (King) opposes the Moon (Queen) in the heavens and across the horoscope. Whether it’s you who’s sure of what you want or your other half, it suggests a powerful turning point as you feel ready to put your feelings first. Jupiter’s change of direction is good news for meeting someone new and the next five months signal speedy progress when it comes to love.

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  1. Hello Sally,
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    Love the Aussie postage stamps.
    Best wishes for 2013
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