Aquarius Monthly Stars August 2013

Aquarius SyrylynAquarius (20 January-18 February)

At the start of August there are three planets in the sign of Cancer ruling your work, health and lifestyle. The good news is that whichever of these areas of life was stuck or confused last month, you can now find solutions to problems and have a chance to get ahead.

The key date is the 4th when Mercury, planet of communication, leaves its Shadow phase. This means that Mercury is back at the place in the heavens where it was when it turned retrograde on June 26th. Mercury was on go slow for most of July and invariably brings delays and misunderstandings. You may find that you’ve come full circle from what you were doing at the end of June and the weekend of the 3rd/4th is the equivalent of a green light and a chance to move on.

Another planet in Cancer throughout most of August is Mars the action planet which remains in this sector of your chart until the 28th. On the 1st Mars clashes with your ruling planet Uranus bringing unexpected changes, perhaps to your daily schedule or work.

Mars then has free rein in the sign of Cancer and it’s a good month to add energy, drive and determination to health and fitness goals, your working life and your everyday activities. In fact you may find you’re exceptionally busy and keen to get ahead in more than one of these areas. Cancer rules service to others in your chart so this month isn’t about going it alone but reaching out to help other people as well.

This is especially true as Jupiter, planet of opportunity, is also in Cancer. It moved here on June 26th the same day as Mercury turned retrograde but due to pesky Mercury up to its tricks Jupiter may not as yet have fulfilled its promise. This is the planet of luck and blessings and wherever it is in your chart, it can bring expansion and good times. Jupiter links to foreign connections and study for you and it’s about wanting to make the most of life and live life to the full.

This feels a beneficial influence for your health and taking good care of yourself plus it may bring in new work contracts or more freedom in your daily life. As mentioned earlier, Jupiter’s the protective planet and strong in nurturing Cancer so reaching out and helping others will come naturally whilst Jupiter’s in this sector of your chart. It remains here until July 16th 2014.

Other people are certainly influential and important in your life this month as the personal planets continue to move into your opposite sign of Leo. The Sun’s there as the month begins and it’s joined by Mercury from the 8th-23rd and on the 28th Mars picks up the baton.

When planets are in your opposite sign the spotlight is on your one-to-one relationships making it an important month for love. Take note of what happens on the New Moon in Leo on the 6th, a great day to make a fresh start in love, and on the Full Moon in Aquarius on the 21st. This is an interesting Full Moon as it’s the second Full Moon in Aquarius in as many months, as last month’s Full Moon was also in your sign on July 22nd.

A Full Moon symbolises completion, coming full circle and often requires a decision or a commitment. Whether in or out of love, expect the Full Moon period to be emotional and even dramatic. Balance your heart and your head in making decisions and if you’re getting married on or around this date, you’re in tune with your stars.

The New Moon and Full Moon are key dates this month as the main planetary aspects fall on or near these powerful Moon phases. These are Jupiter in opposition with Pluto on the 7th and Jupiter square your ruling planet Uranus on the 21st. The Uranus-Pluto square symbolises getting rid of what’s old and outdated in your life and replacing it with a new and radical way of life.

This month you may find you need the key people in your life to agree or identify with your beliefs and what you feel is important. If you have opposing views on major issues, such as religion, race or politics, you may realise that this is a major stumbling block especially if you have to agree to disagree. You can’t sweep this kind of issue under the carpet and forget about it because if you’re a typical Aquarian your beliefs and principles affect deeply the way you live. Try and work things out if you can but realise that this month’s stars may mean a parting of the ways for you and someone close to you.

If you’re travelling in a different country this month, what you experience will also have a deep influence upon you. Try to see both sides of the coin where possible, especially on the weekend of the 10th/11th and from the 24th-27th. What you learn at this time will challenge you but also be potentially life-changing and can lead you down a new and different path.

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