Aquarius Monthly Horoscope October 2015

Nebula, AquariusAquarius (20 January – 18 February)

The love planet Venus has spent the best part of five months in your opposite sign of Leo but on the 8th of this month, Venus leaves behind this sector of your chart.

Leo rules your personal and professional relationships so for some reason, there’s going to be a shift, a change in emphasis, moving on.

For some, last year was a glorious year for love and partnership although with Venus retrograde from July 25th until September 6th, it wasn’t straightforward by any means.

Yet hopefully you’ve learned a lot about love and your 1-to-1’s and now it’s time to do things differently.

Venus enters Virgo, one of the earth signs on the 8th where she remains throughout October. So this is about practical matters, being realistic about love and dealing with the more mundane side of life. You might be working things out together financially or if you’re new to living together, it’s about dividing household activities and who does what.

Any relationship goes through different key stages and money and values are currently highlighted. Working things out together on an everyday level is vital now for love to survive and thrive.

Virgo is definitely the sign of the moment and Venus isn’t the only planet in this sector of your chart. Mars (action) and Jupiter (opportunity) are in Virgo throughout October and this means there’s a lot of energy and enthusiasm when it comes to joint finances, shared resources and business partnerships.

This can be a positive month for you on the financial front but it’s not only down to you. This is about the alliances you make, joint ventures, expert advice and learning from other people. Teaming together with others can prove successful and being around people who are clever with money rubs off on you.

There might be financial help on the way now from external sources. This could include an inheritance, a significant return on investment, a bonus or gift. The 11th is the key date in this respect when Jupiter in Virgo teams up with another planet in an earth sign, Pluto in Capricorn.

Earth signs are about productivity, making things happen, getting real, dealing with the facts. What you sow you reap and the Jupiter/Pluto aspect links back to your past. You might be repaid for a favour or someone wants to gift you money because of your reputation or what you have to offer.

Together Jupiter and Pluto represent hidden riches so look out for money coming your way that you didn’t know about, a treasure in the attic perhaps or money that’s been hidden or held from you.

Two other key dates for money matters are the 17th and 25th when first Mars and secondly Venus are boosted by the planet Jupiter. Jupiter expands what it touches and this feels generous and giving. The law of attraction is Jupiter’s domain and what you give you receive in return. Have faith in the universe and put your trust in other people. Magic can happen this month when it comes to money matters.

Yet the key to your financial success is to deal with money directly. It’s no use hoping that everything is going to work out without paying attention to the facts and developing a more business like approach.

This might be evident on the 7th when the planets are in flux and Neptune opposes Mars. The down side of Neptune is illusion so don’t delude yourself around money and watch out for other people’s seductive behaviour.

This is a month when you can make things happen and especially if you’re ready for a holiday or you want to sign up to a course or workshop, there’s plenty of opportunity coming your way. The turning point is the 9th when communication planet Mercury turns direct in the heavens in your fellow air sign of Libra.

This gives the green light for travel and study and after a period when you might have felt stuck or indecisive, you can start to make key decisions and get serious about exploring and learning more. Self-development, spirituality, gaining qualifications all come under the Libra umbrella.

Plus there’s a New Moon in Libra on the 13th and this is another sign that you’re right to initiate new projects and get things moving. On the same day there’s a positive aspect between Mercury in Libra and your ruling planet Saturn in Sagittarius. This is perfect for agreements and finalising details. If you’re keen to travel with friends or book up a course together, here’s your opportunity.

Yet there will be times this month when you feel unsure of what you’re doing or your plans might change suddenly. Yes, Mercury is direct after the 9th but your modern ruler, Uranus, feels disruptive especially on the 12th and the 25th. Keep your options open and be willing to be adaptable and flexible.

You might be the one who’s questioning what you’re doing and feel unsure of your next steps. Don’t mess up other peoples’ plans if you can help it and try to avoid being overly impulsive.

If you are feeling unsure about a big move and saying Yes to an adventure or new experience, it’s important to look a little deeper and consider your inner motivations. This might be a self-destructive act that isn’t in your best interests or the interests of people close to you. Be honest with yourself and look at what’s going on for you internally.

Finally, your work and career are on the up once the Sun enters Scorpio and your career sector on the 23rd. This is such a different energy from Saturn’s major transit through Scorpio which lasted for most of October 2012 to September 2015. The brakes are off, there’s an ease about your work and career and the Full Moon on the 27th highlights an award, success or a sense of achievement.

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