Aquarius Monthly Horoscope June 2016

Aquarius June 2016Aquarius (20 January – 18 February)]

There’s a move away from the earth signs this month towards the air signs and this is good news for you.

However, as the month begins, there is one key planet left in the sign of Taurus and this planet is Mercury, the planet of communication.

Mercury is normally a swift moving planet but this time around, Mercury has spent a long time in Taurus, the sign which rules your home and family, your past and where you come from. Mercury enters Taurus on April 5th, and only exits this sign on June 12th.

What’s especially important this month is the fact that on June 7th, Mercury leaves its shadow phase. This is often the time when you can try again with something that failed earlier in the year. This is linked to your domestic situation, close family and property matters.

In addition, later this month on June 26th, there’s a brilliant Jupiter-Pluto trine aspect in the heavens and this also takes place in earth signs. Jupiter is the planet of opportunity and growth and Jupiter is currently in Virgo, the sign which rules joint finances in your chart.

Put all this together, and there might be an opportunity now for you to benefit from a property move or to join forces with your family in some way which helps everyone, especially on a financial level. This might be linked to the past and this is the third and final Jupiter-Pluto aspect.

These two planets first got together in October 2015, they met again in March 2016 and this is the final meeting, a chance of completion. Earth signs are about building for the future, this is about reaping what you sow and when you put in the hard work on a regular basis, it pays off.

Look out for a chance to benefit financially towards the end of June and work together with people close to you, so you can move forward in a stronger or more stable position. There might be an opportunity to use your money to make more money or you benefit when you receive a loan, gift or bonus.

There is another planet which currently has a strong influence on your financial affairs and that planet is Neptune. Neptune is in Pisces, the sign which rules your personal money and what you value highly in life.

At its best Neptune is inspirational, imaginative and creative. Yet you have to be careful you don’t let money slip through your fingers or wear rose coloured glasses. There’s a seductive element to Neptune which can draw you in to elusive schemes and lead you down a slippery slope.

Neptune is especially strong in the first three weeks of the month and it’s wise to be extra cautious about what you invest your money in or what you say yes to financially. As a basic guideline, you prosper when you team up with people you know and trust, for example family and people close to you, people with whom you have a strong history.

The new Moon on June 5th might be the first time you’re invited or drawn in to a scheme or scam. New Moons are traditionally a sign of new beginnings when new opportunities come your way. Yet during this New Moon, there’s a Grand Cross in the sky which pulls in six of the ten planets.

Grand crosses indicate tension or conflict when you feel pulled in different directions. You want to do the right thing to help out other people. You want to make the right moves but sometimes you come up against opposition. In particular for you this is linked to your association with a group or society, it’s about friendship and it also relates to your children if you’re a parent or a new lover.

It’s with regard to these associations that you need to think things through carefully when it comes to money and emotional give-and-take. Notice your own motivations and whether you’re acting out of guilt or fear. Plus, this might be about other people’s behaviour and feeling uncomfortable with the way someone responds to you.

The other key period of the month with regard to this tension is close to the Full Moon on June 20th. Full moons heighten emotions and two days before the Full Moon, there is a powerful square aspect between Saturn, your traditional ruling planet, and Neptune in Pisces.

This can represent a situation that feels stuck or you might be in impossibility. Whether it’s fear that’s holding you back or a genuine limitation, it’s important to note that all the attention this month takes place in the mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

Mutable signs are flexible and there’s movement so this means it’s a key time to consider possibilities and to explore all the options. Open your mind to new ways of looking at the world, listen to other peoples opinions and beliefs and don’t remain fixed or rigid in your approach to life.

Plus this month has some gorgeous activity in the sign of Gemini and this is a reminder that the good things in life are readily available to you. If money is an issue, how can you enjoy yourself for free or on the cheap? If you’re finding some of your close relationships challenging, look elsewhere for new people to inspire you. Keep life simple and don’t make things any more complicated than they need to be.

Gemini is the sign which rules romance, children and pregnancy, creative projects and entertainment in your chart. It’s about play and having fun. Up until June 17th, love planet Venus is in Gemini and this is light and playful.

The Sun remains here until the 20th and sociable planet Mercury joins the party on June 12th. So there’s plenty of opportunity to embrace life to the full and if you choose, to meet someone new and fall in love.

Finally this month, action planet Mars remains retrograde or on go slow and importantly for you, Mars is retrograde in Scorpio and your career sector. This can spell frustration in your work situation or a sense that you’re on the wrong path.

Yet as June continues any difficult emotions around work begin to shift. The Sun enters Cancer and your work sector on the 20th and the most significant date is June 29th when Mars turns direct. This is when you can push forward again. Up until the end of June, conserve your energy, do your research and decide what next.

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