Aquarius Monthly Horoscope December 2015

snowflakes, AquariusAquarius (20 January – 18 February)

It’s a lively start to December as key planets gather in the social sectors of your chart. Whether you’re ready or not, it’s time to throw yourself into the party scene.

Friends and group activities are highlighted now with both the Sun (identity) and Mercury (communication/mind) in Sagittarius ruling these areas of your life.

This is a fun energy too because Sagittarius is one of the fire signs so embrace joy and pleasure and connect with the people you love. Your co-ruler Uranus is also in action this month in a big way and lively Uranus is in one of the fire signs, Aries.

Aries rules new friends, new faces and new places in your chart and the more you’re open to meeting people and engaging in activities in your local community, the more fun is guaranteed. Be spontaneous, strike up conversations with people you meet and be open-minded and willing to hear what other people have to say.

The 1st and 9th are dates full of vim and vigour when Uranus teams up with Mercury and then the Sun. It’s not just socialising that creates a feel-good vibe either because Uranus in Aries lights up your communication sector, the world of ideas.

This is knowledge at its best, gathering information, finding out about new trends, passing on advice and experience, using social media to good effect. If you’re asked to teach others or guide others in any way this month, ensure this is high priority.

The other key date for fun times is the 11th when the New Moon takes place in Sagittarius. It’s a brilliant date for a social occasion and catching up with old friends. If you’re looking for love, ask for an introduction and get out and about as much as possible. Even if you don’t find love, you’ll still enjoy yourself in the process and some of the friends you make this month could be in your life for a long time to come.

When it comes to love and romance, Venus enters Scorpio on the 5th where it remains until the 30th. Scorpio is your career sector so this is prime time for an office romance and getting steamy under the mistletoe at a work party. There’s a secretive feel to Venus in Scorpio and allure and mystery surround your relationships. A secret liaison, a furtive flirtation fit the bill.

If you are out and about and meeting different people, you will inevitably find that your views and opinions are challenged when you come across individuals with very different ideas and principles to your own.

The period between the 6th – 11th could be especially punchy when action planet Mars clashes with the Uranus-Pluto duo. Mars is currently in Libra and the sector of your chart ruling travel, education, new experiences. This also represents your philosophy on life, your beliefs and the clash with Uranus and Pluto indicates a battle of wills.

You might come across someone who angers you greatly due to their behaviour and you’ll be ready to stand up to defend others and to defend what you believe in. Arguments could turn physical as Mars is the planet of action and anger so do choose your battles wisely and take care if you recognise that your deep emotions are being triggered. Avoid anyone who’s difficult or on the verge of being out of control.

It could also be a tricky period for travel or study and you might find that your plans are postponed or even cancelled and you have to be ready to move quickly. For some, it might mean the end of the road with an idea or plans linked to these areas of your life whether you recognise that something’s not going to happen, that the timing is wrong or a key event gets cancelled.

December is also a month when you need to focus in ‘me time’ as key planets enter Capricorn and the most hidden sector of your chart. Mercury moves into Capricorn on the 10th and is joined by the Sun on the 22nd. This turns your attention inward and after the lively start to the month, you’ll want some time alone.

This could be a chance to relax and catch up on sleep or you might pursue a more spiritual path at this special time of year. When it comes to money and spending, you’re more likely to be modest in your gifts than extravagant. You might understand inherently that there’s a deeper meaning in the Christmas message which is tarnished by the commercial nature of the festivities.

You understand that giving means so much more than flash presents as the humanitarian side of your nature is called forth. What you do for charity or other people will be more worthwhile than any glossy Xmas gesture.

On Christmas Day itself, 25th December, there’s a Full Moon which takes place in Cancer, the sign of home and family. More than likely you’ll want to be with the ones you love but don’t overdo things.

The following day, Boxing Day, 26th December, your ruler Uranus changes direction in the heavens and this feels volatile. It could indicate a difference of opinion or a desire to be somewhere else completely. If you’re keen to be spontaneous and take advantage of a last-minute social arrangement, dive in.

Finally, love planet Venus enters Sagittarius on the 30th and this confirms that New Year’s Eve is perfect for a social blast. Be with the ones you love and if you’ve been getting to know a friend better over the last few weeks or months, New Year’s Eve is perfect for a kiss and a cuddle at the stroke of midnight.

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