Aquarius Horoscope November 2022

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Ruling Planets

Being a Sun Aquarius, you have two ruling planets, both completely different. The first is Saturn, the slow & steady planet linked to responsibility, discipline and commitment. The second is Uranus, the changeable & unpredictable planet linked to freedom, innovation & rebellion.

This may be why it’s not easy to think of a typical Aquarius. There are different facets and sides to your character. As you’ll hear in your horoscope for this month, both your planets are prominent as they clash and vie for your attention.

Lunar Eclipse

As November begins, talk planet Mercury, the planet of relating Venus and the Sun are all in Scorpio, the star sign at the peak of your horoscope. This represents your career & vocation, your status & reputation, your future path. It can be an ambitious time when you’re moving forward with great strides. However, this is eclipse season which brings something completely different to the mix.

On October 25th, there was a powerful New Moon or Solar Eclipse in Scorpio. This month on the 8th, there’s an equally powerful Full Moon or Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. The Taurus/Scorpio axis of the zodiac runs across the foundations of your horoscope with Taurus at the base and Scorpio at the peak.

Eclipses often coincide with significant change. For you, this is about your home and family, also your career and vocation. It’s where you come from and where you’re heading to. You may be on the move during eclipse season, leaving home or transitioning to a new domestic situation.

It might be a turning point for your career or future direction and eclipses often coincide with unexpected events. There could be a clear divide between your home life & ambition, your past & your future.

This month’s eclipse is especially lively as your co-ruler Uranus sits next to the Moon in Taurus and Uranus is linked to change, as the eclipses are. Perhaps, you’re moving home because of a new job. Or, events at home or within your family are the reason why you’re having to start over at work, in your career or vocation. 

This could be an unsettled time for you and it may help not to be too rigid or stubborn. Aim to keep your options open. Uranus is a rebel and it’s wise not to be foolhardy or take a huge risk while Uranus is out of control from the 5th to the 11th. Eclipse lore states that you’re wise to let things settle down for a few days before making any big decision.

Uranus is involved with the eclipse and so is your co-ruler Saturn in your star sign Aquarius. During this eclipse, Saturn squares both the Sun in Scorpio & the Moon in Taurus.

This could mean that you’re up against the authorities or tough competition. Someone might stop you doing what you want and throw a spanner in the works. Or, perhaps you’re the one who’s having to voice your concerns about what’s happening out in the world or in your place of work.

Notice whether you want to be more Saturn and play by the rules. Or, whether you want to be more Uranus and to break the rules. Where in your life are you stuck with your feet in different areas – one foot in your past perhaps and one foot in your future?

The Saturn-Uranus square was the major planetary aspect of 2021. These two planets have been in square aspect once again since mid-2022 but during this eclipse they begin to part ways.

The symbolism seems to suggest that something has to break down before you can break through. You may be more than ready for this conflict to end, especially if you’ve found yourself stuck in the middle. 

Jupiter Joy

Things may start to feel easier once the eclipse period settles down. On the 15th, 16th & 21st, there are some lovely planetary aspects taking place between the inner planets in Scorpio and lucky Jupiter in Pisces. This combination aligns your work and money sectors.

Whatever begins under a Jupiter transit promises success. This would be a good time to invest in your future, ask for a rise or put up your prices. Alternatively, you may find that help is at hand financially and there’s a solution to an ongoing money issue. Play your cards right and you could be in a stronger position by the time the Sun leaves Scorpio on the 22nd.

Pisces represents not only money in your horoscope, also your assets and possessions, your self-worth and all that you value highly in life. Jupiter returned to Pisces at the end of October and is completing its journey through this sector of your horoscope by the end of the year.

Over the course of the next two months, there may be an opportunity to boost your finances or free up your money. You might start a new money-making venture or sell a property or invest in a new project. You may receive a legacy, gift or bonus or find that things turn in your favour regarding a financial or legal issue.

Sagittarius Season

Finally this month, you may be more than ready for the Sun’s move into Sagittarius on the 22nd. The Sun follows talk planet Mercury & the planet of relating Venus moving into Sagittarius and your friendship and group sector.

This is your cue to socialise and catch up with friends. If work’s been overly intense or you’re unemployed, you may be ready for some fun and to get the support and advice of your best mates. Reorient your compass to ensure you have a healthy work/life balance.

On the 23rd, there’s a New Moon in Sagittarius, an ideal symbol for starting over. Plus, on the same day big planet Jupiter turns direct in Pisces. This may bring a financial boost. Or, perhaps it’s an emotional reconciliation that makes your day.

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