Aquarius Horoscope February 2023

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Aquarius Time

Aquarius is the star sign of the month as the Sun is here until the 18th. It’s birthday month for many of you, a time to celebrate your life and the day of your birth. Plus, communication planet Mercury joins the Sun in Aquarius on the 11th.

This turns the focus towards yourself and your personal goals and aims. It’s about being out in the world, thinking about where you’re heading and why. And, it’s a reminder that individual actions make a difference.

Your star sign Aquarius is linked to modern technology so you may find your voice online. Alternatively, you could decide to play your part within society, politics or the collective. 

The current astrology is about the future, not only for yourself but the world as well. You may have a unique role to play moving forward. Plus, there are big shifts coming in your star sign Aquarius, continuing on from events in 2020. Who you are and what you represent could have a major impact on your next steps and the choices you make.

Listen out for news or opportunities on or around the 18th when lucky Jupiter encounters Mercury in your star sign. Jupiter represents expansion and growth and this may be about your role within society.

Plus, the Full Moon on the 5th could prove decisive for a relationship or your next steps as the Moon is in your opposite star sign Leo. The light of the moon illuminates and brings clarity.

Relationships are foreground during the Full Moon. Yet this month, the focus is strongly on you and your needs. Notice who ‘shines bright’ in your life but don’t make it all about them.

During the Full Moon, your co-ruler Uranus is in feisty mood and squares up to the Sun and Moon. Uranus is currently in earth sign Taurus at the base of your horoscope, representing your home and family, your past and where you come from.

This combination is rebellious and you might be ready to make a definitive split from the past. Or, perhaps you’re leaving your current home or family situation.

Alternatively, you may have a lot to rebel against or fight for. If this is true for you, engage your head and your heart during the Full Moon phase. Keep your eyes firmly fixed on your future goals and bring your noble Aquarius characteristics to the fore. 

The Sun/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius is part of the picture and falls on the 16th. What you leave behind early in the month could help you recognise where commitment is required or what you’re standing for.

If you’re typical of your star sign, you care about others and where the world is heading. Or, perhaps you have your own personal nirvana you’re searching for. Either way, it feels like a pivotal time.

Pisces Season

Pisces rules your personal money sector and there’s a lot of activity here throughout February. The planet of relating Venus is in Pisces until the 20th and the Sun is here from the 18th. This is a practical sector of your horoscope but it’s not about being logical or practical where money’s concerned.

Certainly, you’re wise to keep close tabs on your money but trust your intuition and listen out for hunches and coincidences. Practise the law of attraction and believe that what you give, you receive in return. Aim to be in flow with money, whatever that means for you personally.

On the 15th, there’s a gorgeous conjunction between Venus and Neptune in Pisces, two planets with a lot in common. This combination feels creative and is great for using your imagination and coming up with money-making ideas. Feel your way forward and, at the same time, remain open-hearted and faithful.

Venus in Pisces is boundless and giving; it’s a compassionate, kind and caring influence. This would be a good time to raise money for charity or help out someone in need. Alternatively, if you’re the one who’s struggling financially, ask for help. Do what you can to keep the flow of money moving.

Another significant date is the 20th when there’s a New Moon in Pisces, a symbol of new beginnings. This would be an excellent date to launch a new financial initiative, to improve your income or earnings and be savvy with your cash.

Love & Passion

Also this month, passion planet Mars is stirring up excitement in your fellow air sign Gemini, ruling romance. There’s a thrill of the new about love and relationships. This may not take you down the tried and tested route to love. Mars is passionate and speedy and is linked to desire and strong urges.

Love may be on the agenda once the planet of love Venus enters fire sign Aries on the 20th. This is a strong and direct influence. If you’re keen on meeting someone new, take the initiative, ask someone out and go get what you want.

It’s not all about love, however, and passion could come in another shape or form. Aim to improve your knowledge and brainstorm your ideas. Talking to other people could be mind-blowingly exciting for more than one reason in the last ten days of the month.

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