Aquarius February 2018


Aquarius (21 January – 18 February)

You start the new month on the back of an important Lunar Eclipse on January 31st, which cut across the Leo/Aquarius axis of the zodiac. This highlighted your relationships, both personal and professional.

Eclipses often have a shadowy or hidden theme. If you think about eclipse symbolism, the light goes out temporarily leaving you in the dark. When the light switch flicks back on, you see things differently and you’re presented with a new landscape.

When eclipses light up your star sign, Aquarius, and your opposite star sign, Leo, more often than not this is about a shift in power, or someone leaving your life or someone new entering your life. It’s often about people, in other words.

What’s important moving in to February is that this is your time and you are, in fact, in a strong position. The Sun (identity) is in your star sign Aquarius until the 18th and this is your birthday month, ideal for celebration.

Plus, Mercury (communication) is here, also until the 18th and Venus (relating) completes a trio of planets in Aquarius, where it remains until the 10th. So you have the love planet on your side, Venus, and the first two weeks of the month are ideal for discussion, debate and negotiation.

If you want or need to talk about yourself more than usual, go for it. If you find you want other people’s advice on your relationship situation, the same applies. Talk and ponder, reflect and listen.

You may be in a situation where it’s particularly important to focus on yourself and what you want and need moving forwards. When planets are in your star sign, this highlights your personal goals and aims, your image and profile and how the world sees you.

It’s time to look at yourself and whether you’re being true to who you are. Notice whether your identity is caught up with your work or career and whether that needs to shift. If you think you’d benefit from personal development work, this would be an excellent time to look at yourself more closely.

This is also because the emphasis on your star sign is building towards the big event in February, a Solar Eclipse in Aquarius. This takes place on the 15th and is part of the Leo/Aquarius eclipse cycle which began in August 2016 and completes in January 2019.

What’s extraordinary about this eclipse, however, is that it’s the only Solar Eclipse in Aquarius during the whole eclipse cycle. So this could turn out to be a definitive moment, a significant time of change.

A Solar Eclipse is effectively a turbo-powered New Moon, a chance to put yourself first, take advantage of new opportunities and begin a new chapter. Admittedly, eclipse symbolism often necessitates that something needs to end or be released before you can move on. It may coincide with a change of attitude or a new personal goal or life path that opens up.

Traditionally, you’re wise to wait a few days after an eclipse before making a big decision. This time around, however, you have strong emphasis on your star sign and you may be ready to take action on the 17th. This could be the start of something big that’s going to revolutionise your life.

It’s not all about you this month, because action planet Mars is in Sagittarius and your friends and group sector. This is where life looks lively and there’s plenty going on. Mars rules drive and ambition, so you might be in with an exciting set of people or be ready to team up with others to unleash your ideas on the world.

Admittedly, Mars rules anger and impulsive behaviour so be wary of who you get involved with in the month ahead. You’ll love being around people who are spontaneous and adventurous now, but take care this doesn’t flip into bad behaviour.

Plus, it’s important that you don’t allow other people to sway what you want to do. Other people might give you bad advice this month or advise you to do the opposite of what you need. This is particularly evident around the 17th, when it’s important to stand your ground and speak up for yourself.

Money too is an important factor as the month continues, in particular from mid-month onwards. This is because the faster-moving planets begin to move into Pisces and your money sector from the 10th.

Venus is the first to change star sign on this date and Venus in Pisces can feel indulgent, a time when you want to treat yourself and others. Love and money are closely linked too. Venus is followed by the Sun, your partner planet, and Mercury, the talk planet, on the 18th.

So you may be negotiating financial matters, perhaps because of the changes that have taken place during the eclipse period. It is important to keep close tabs on your money and not let cash slip through your fingers.

Money could be an emotional issue for you now or perhaps you don’t want to deal with finances and would rather pass over the reins to someone else. This would be a bad idea, however, because Neptune is also strong.

Going with the flow and trusting and having faith that things will work out is one thing, but Neptune can flag up a period when you’re fooled, seduced or deluded around money. Keep your clever brain engaged and don’t detach entirely from financial matters, even if you recognise that your values are shifting and changing.

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