Aquarius December 2017

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Aquarius (21 January – 18 February)

Take care at the beginning of the month because on the 1st, your co-ruler Uranus clashes with Mars in Libra. This flags up a difference of opinion but not in a gentle way. Instead, this combination feels angry and volatile, so think carefully before you lash out and choose your battles wisely.

You may also realise that some plans aren’t going to take off and to say you’re not happy about this fact is an understatement. Mars in Libra lights up your travel and study sector so it’s here where there could be disappointment or a sudden change of interest.

If you want to sort things out in a calm manner, wait until the 6th, when there’s less tension and common sense prevails. Mars only remains in Libra for the first week of December and this could signal a significant turning point in your future plans, what’s possible and what’s not.

This month, the emphasis is on the sign of Sagittarius and the star sign that rules your friends and group activities. The Sun is in Sagittarius until the 21st, which is always a sociable time of year. If you’re a typical Aquarius, you will have many people you want to see over the next few weeks.

Throw yourself into the festive spirit but don’t go over the top. Know too that plans could chop and change and not everyone will be reliable or turn up when they’re supposed to. This is because communication planet Mercury is in Sagittarius, but from December 3rd to 23rd, Mercury is retrograde, i.e. on go slow.

This can be a chaotic time when misunderstandings and miscommunication take place. Be extra flexible and keep your sense of humour if you are charging around more than usual. It’s a good idea to double check all important meetings, get-togethers or arrangements while Mercury’s up to its tricks.

The other planet in Sagittarius is Venus, the planet of love and relating, where it remains from the 1st to the 25th. This means that love and friendship are linked. It’s a wonderful time to be flirtatious when you’re out and about or you look at someone you’ve known for a long time in a new light. It might be the festive spirit but nonetheless this combination feels flirty and light.

Your co-ruler Uranus is also in action throughout December and after the difficult astrology on the 1st, it’s bright and breezy, spontaneous and fun. Top dates for social events, dating and general good times are the 13th, 15th, 16th and 20th.

Plus both the Full Moon on the 3rd and the New Moon on the 18th light up the Gemini/Sagittarius axis of the zodiac and the social sectors of your horoscope. All in all, this is a month to widen your social network and to be out in the world as much as possible.

There’s another reason too why life shows no sign of slowing down at least until the last 10 days of December. This is because action planet, Mars, moves into Scorpio on the 9th, the sign at the peak of your horoscope. Mars is dynamic and strong in Scorpio and this is an indication to turn your attention towards your career and vocation in life. Scorpio rules your future sector, where you’re heading and why.

It’s a good time to focus on your mission, your purpose in life as this will help you moving forward. For some Aquarius individuals, this will coincide with a move up the career ladder or taking on a new position or responsibility. Certainly, it’s the ideal time of year to be looking ahead.

Mars joins the planet of good fortune and opportunity, Jupiter, in Scorpio, so this is an expanding area of your life. It’s where to focus your attention and energy and step up your game. Jupiter teams up with Neptune in Pisces on the 3rd, a gorgeous planetary combination that promises good things not only for your career and vocation but money too.

Both planets are boundless and giving, however, so selfish gestures are out and benevolent acts are in. You might be keen to organise a fundraiser at work or find a way for your efforts to benefit other people. Have faith in what you’re doing and trust that things will work out well for you.

After the 21st, when the Sun changes sign, there’s an emphasis on your previous sign of Capricorn. Capricorn’s hidden away in your horoscope. When you find planets here, you benefit from more quiet time than usual, whether for reflection, contemplation or simply to relax. It’s about taking care of yourself on a deep and inner level.

The major move, however, involves your ruling planet Saturn. Saturn leaves Sagittarius on the 20th, where it’s been since December 2014 and enters Capricorn and the most hidden sector of your horoscope. Saturn remains here until 2020 and it’s important that you mark this significant move in some shape or form.

This can indicate a period when you choose to go into therapy or explore life beyond the everyday and the obvious. It’s a good time to get to know yourself on a deeper level. Notice what happens on or around the 21st when the Sun and Saturn come together. This could be when enlightenment strikes or a deeper understanding is revealed to you.

You can’t access this part of your horoscope, however, without being on your own or at least spending some quiet time in the day. You may feel a strong pull towards spending the festive period on a retreat or offering your services at a community or charity project.

Love planet Venus is also in the mix as it enters Capricorn on the 25th and immediately encounters Saturn, your ruler. This feels decisive, whether you’re ending a relationship or choosing to work at a relationship moving forward.

Saturn in Capricorn is about committing to an ongoing project, starting a discipline that supports you and sticking to it on a regular basis. This may be meditation, journalling, a daily walk or anything that supports your well-being. Saturn in Capricorn is slow and steady and this promises to be the beginning of an important couple of years of inner growth and preparation.

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