Aquarius August 2017


Aquarius (20 January – 18 February)

There’s some big astrology going on this month for you and it starts early in August. In fact, August could be a turn-around month for you as both your ruling planets, Saturn and Uranus, switch direction. Time to do things differently?

The first planet to switch direction is your co-ruler Uranus, representing the quirky, eccentric side of your nature. Uranus turns retrograde in Aries and your communication sector on the 3rd, when you’re likely to be impulsive and want to speak up, to find your voice.

A few weeks later on the 25th, your traditional ruler Saturn turns direct in Sagittarius, the sign that rules travel and the bigger picture. Saturn’s the systematic, organised side of your character and in Sagittarius this links to friends and groups in your life, but also your future hopes and wishes.

Notice how this symbolism plays out in you own life. Perhaps you switch from being a freelancer (Uranus) to holding down a steady job (Saturn). Perhaps you decide that you’ll be more effective in life if you find a group of people who share your values and beliefs. This would be less about being a lone voice (Uranus Aries) and more about finding your tribe (Saturn Sagittarius).

Certainly it feels as if you have a key role to play in this month’s activity as both rulers are involved in other planets connections throughout August. Plus there are some powerful eclipses this month and the one on the 7th is especially significant as it falls in your sign of Aquarius.

This is a Lunar or Full Moon eclipse with the Sun in Leo and your relationship sector opposing the Moon in your own sign of Aquarius. This could out to be a pivotal moment for your 1-to-1’s. Eclipses tend to bring what’s hidden to light and especially at the Full Moon, emotions are heightened.

This could be a dramatic eclipse for you with some sudden twists or turns. A relationship might end suddenly or perhaps a new relationship begins or an old relationship is revived. Trust your intuition when it comes to love and partnership and don’t be pushed into making any sudden decisions.

This is important for you because action planet Mars is also in Leo alongside the Sun. This means that you might be up against strong competition during the eclipse period or perhaps you encounter someone who’s being bossy or pushy.

Tradition states that you’re wise to wait a few days after an eclipse before making any major decision or taking action. Another reason why you don’t have to respond to an ultimatum immediately.

The second eclipse is a Solar or New Moon Eclipse in your opposite sign of Leo on the 21st. This may bring someone new into your life who is going to play an influential role. There could be drama in a partner’s life but remember that this can be about a love relationship or a professional partnership. It evokes all significant 1-to-1’s.

This eclipse is interesting for you because on the same day as the eclipse, the Sun aligns with your planet Uranus. This is a buzzing combination, whether you hit it off with someone immediately or you have exactly what another person needs – you’re a perfect fit.

There are other factors involved this month which might add another layer to what’s happening and do remember that eclipses are often dramatic. You’re rarely in control of other peoples’ actions and it’s how you respond to them that matters.

The planet of relating, Venus is in Cancer and your work sector until the 26th, so getting on with people you work with is important now. It won’t always be easy however and here too there might be more challenges than usual.

Venus does join passion planet Mars in Leo and your relationship sector on the 26th so this is another nod towards a positive period for love. Certainly there could be a wake up call along the way and it might be that a relationship needs shaking up. Eclipses rarely pass by quietly.

Money matters too require careful consideration because you have communication planet Mercury in Virgo and your joint finance sector all month. Mercury does however turn retrograde on the 13th and will be on go slow until September 5th.

So when it comes to money and joint finances, get things in writing early in the month. Sort out correspondence, know how to get hold of vital information, don’t leave anything unattended and tie up loose ends. Mercury in Virgo requires attention to detail.

After the 13th, you’re wise to take your time before agreeing to any financial matter, whether this is to do with work or a past relationship. If you can, play a waiting game until early September. If you’re owed money, you might have to be more than usually patient from mid-month onwards.

Finally, it’s also relevant to notice what’s happening with Jupiter, the big planet, currently in Libra and your travel and study sectors. Jupiter is active this month so look closely at your education or your desire to travel.

Plans could change suddenly this month because of the eclipses and other people chopping or changing their mind. Yet Jupiter comes together with your ruler Saturn on the 27th and this feels progressive. It would be a good date to go on holiday, to sign up for a course, to get together with a group of friends to pursue something you believe in.

This is when you get a chance to create something lasting that’s outside of a relationship or partnership. This is your gig and it’s important that you focus on what’s right for you.

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  1. Hi Sally,
    I would like someone to analyse my birth chart to the 2017 solar eclispe. I have many very strong 28 degree planets in my chart, like Jupiter 28 degrees on my mid-heaven. Would you be interested in looking into this for me? I live in California and am attending the solar eclispe in Madras, Oregon.

    1. Hi Amber, I would love to but I am away until August 13, only back in the office on August 15 so it might be best to try someone else this time. Enjoy the eclipse! Sending best wishes, Sally

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