Andy Murray World No. 1: How To Be A Taurus Superstar

Andy MurrayAndy Murray is without doubt the UK’s most successful tennis player of recent times. This month, November 2016, he finally took the much-coveted World no. 1 spot off Novak Djokovic who held the no. 1 ranking for the past 122 weeks.

Andy Murray has now won three Grand Slam titles, including Wimbledon twice, two Olympic Gold medals and he helped Britain win the Davis Cup in 2015. A fantastic achievement.

He moved up to the World no. 1 ranking by reaching the final of the Paris Masters on November 5 2016 and kept hold of his no. 1 position when he defeated Novak Djokovic in the final of the year-end ATP World Tour final on November 20 2016.

What’s interesting about this astrologically is that Andy Murray (b. May 15 1987) turned 29 earlier this year. This means his achievement comes in his Saturn Return year and this is quite late to hit your best in the world of tennis. Saturn is the planet of discipline, authority, mastery and if you work hard and keep moving steadily towards your goals, the Saturn Return can deliver the goods.

Andy Murray is a Sun Taurus, one of the earth signs, and Taurus is renowned for its dogged persistence. The earth signs don’t tend to rush into life but instead keep moving steadily forward one step at a time, one goal at a time. This is how consistency, effort and sheer determination pays off.

Admittedly, Andy Murray has come into the tennis world during an era of great champions, often nicknamed the Big Four. Roger Federer (b. August 8 1981) won his first Grand Slam age 21 and became world no. 1 the following year; Rafael Nadal (b. June 3 1986) won his first Grand Slam age 19 and won the coveted world no. 1 spot three years later; Novak Djokovic (b. May 22 1987) won his first Grand Slam age 20 and also had to wait three years to gain the no. 1 spot. These three great tennis players including Andy Murray are the Big Four. They have dominated the Grand Slams over the last decade.

Yes, it took Andy Murray longer to start winning the titles but in true Taurus style, he never gave up. He lost in four Grand Slam finals before he finally beat Novak Djokovic at the US Open in September 2012 and he infamously won over the public’s hearts when he cried after losing the Wimbledon final to Roger Federer a few months earlier. The dour Scot showed a softer side to his nature.

In his natal chart (see below), Andy’s Ascendant is Virgo, the sign of precision. This means the chart ruler is Mercury conjunct his Gemini Midheaven. He was born to succeed and Gemini is the sign most closely linked to top tennis players.

Plus, when you have the same planet ruling your Ascendant (self) and Midheaven (career) – Mercury rules Gemini & Virgo – who you are and who you become is one and the same. Andy Murray began playing tennis age 3 and 26 years later he’s at the top of his profession. His Sun Taurus tenacity keeps on paying off.


Andy Murray Natal Chart

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  1. Dear Sally, Thanks for sharing the analysis. Very inspiring to witness the way Andy Murray won the World No 1 Ranking. After toiling hard in Semi final against Milos Raonic, I did not expect Andy Murray to win against Djokovic in the final. But he proved me wrong and still had energy left to tame the Serbian Super Star. Congratulations to you, Andy Murray and Team and to all his FANS.

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