A New Moon Of Hope & Miracles

New Moon, heart

New Moon [12 Pisces 07]

March 2, 2022 (17:35 GMT)

New Moon Wishes

The New Moon in Pisces is one of my favourite New Moons of the year. A New Moon promises new beginnings and Pisces is the star sign which represents romance, imagination, compassion & redemption. Pisces is where you lose yourself in life as you move away from the ego.  

I always make a wish when I first catch sight of the crescent Moon in the night sky. You usually glimpse it a day or two after the exact date/time of the New Moon. New Moon wishes can come true. In Pisces, this brings a cosmic kiss, a little bit of extra magic. 

Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction

Plus, this New Moon is extra special because the Sun & Moon sit next to Jupiter & Neptune, two of the biggest planets, also in Pisces – God of the sky and God of the sea.

On March 5th, there’s a Sun-Jupiter conjunction at 14 Pisces, one of the best planetary aspects of the year. Use this planetary energy to expand your world, say yes to life, reach out to others, seek new opportunities. It’s an ideal time in life to play big & take a leap of faith.  

Then, on March 13th, there’s a sentimental and sensitive Sun-Neptune conjunction at 22 Pisces. Therefore, the two weeks following the New Moon are giving you a preview for the epic Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces that takes place next month on April 12th

Hope & Miracles

We all need hope right now & miracles would be a blessing too. This is one aspect of the Jupiter-Neptune duo in Pisces. Together, they are boundless and anything feels possible. It’s a strong symbol for prayer, faith & universal love.

Those of you who know your astrology also know that the Venus-Mars-Pluto triple conjunction in Capricorn on March 3rd isn’t easy by any means. The Goddess of love & God of War encounter Pluto’s power. It’s a strong symbol for what’s happening in Ukraine and the response around the world.

Therefore, this seems like an important time to turn at least some of your attention to where there is hope & pray for miracles.

I saw it as a good sign that a tiny miracle came my family’s way during this big week of astrology. On March 1st, my second grand-niece was born. She has the Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Pisces in her birth chart.

Then, I checked back to previous Sun-Jupiter articles on my website. Only to be reminded that my first grand-niece was born on the Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio in 2017. A lovely coincidence and a truly cosmic blessing.

Sun-Jupiter Blessings

If it’s your birthday this week, celebrate by doing something special in honour of the Sun/Jupiter conjunction in Pisces on March 5th. If it’s not your birthday, do something special anyway, because you can. Offer help & hope to others.

It’s one of the luckiest planetary combinations when the Sun and Jupiter unite, symbolising visionary plans, big goals, a search for meaning and a connection with the divine.

Look out for new opportunities coming your way and notice when and where you can merge with others so we hold one another strong. Jupiter’s the global planet, a reminder that we’re one world.

The Sun-Jupiter link is about making the best out of any situation, looking on the bright side and spreading optimism. Whenever and wherever possible this week, sprinkle a little magic & faith and be open to hope, prayer & miracles.

Here’s a quick guide to the areas of your life that are highlighted during the New Moon conjunct Jupiter & Neptune. Read both your Sun & Ascendant sign:

  • Pisces – personal goals & personal health
  • Aries – retreat, secrets & meditation
  • Taurus – friends, groups & society
  • Gemini – career & vocation
  • Cancer – travel & study, meaning & purpose
  • Leo – joint finances & sexuality, hidden themes
  • Virgo – love & connections, contracts
  • Libra – work & health
  • Scorpio – birth – children, romance, creative projects
  • Sagittarius – home & family, the past
  • Capricorn – community, ideas & communication
  • Aquarius – money, values & self-worth

Wishing You New Moon Blessings

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