A Mercury Pluto Story

hood, Mercury PlutoYesterday, 22nd October 2015, an astrological aspect took place between the planets Mercury and Pluto. This was a square aspect which can be challenging and often indicates conflict, a stressful clash.

Mercury is the planet which rules communication and the mind and Pluto can play out in different ways. Think of the symbolism of Pluto and you have the God of the Underworld, governing all things hidden, dark and shady.

Pluto’s sometimes called the wipe-out planet as it’s linked to annihilation or loss. Therefore when Pluto is in connection with Mercury, this can be the thoughts you don’t want to speak, obsession, the more difficult and dark workings of the mind.

This was especially powerful in my own chart as I’m currently experiencing my Mercury return, i.e. Mercury is back in the same place in the zodiac as it was when I was born. This event happens for everyone approximately once a year.

So I was looking to see how this might emerge in my own life. At first I noticed I was getting some requests which were causing a strong reaction within me. Mercury and Pluto together can be like a volcano waiting to erupt. My immediate response to one request had been ‘get lost, no way’ and stronger. I quickly realised it probably wasn’t a good idea to voice these thoughts. When Pluto squares Mercury, you have to check in with yourself whether you might regret what you say.

A Mercury-Pluto Story

Yet there was a different story which played out yesterday and perfectly mirrored the Mercury-Pluto square. I’d seen a post on my Facebook page which was very clever and funny. It was about how all the ‘perfect’ posts on Facebook can make you feel like your own life is ‘s–t’, their words.

It then continued with examples of lovely events in one person’s life followed by what was really going on in brackets, e.g. ‘At the airport with my wonderful husband and children, so looking forward to our holiday’ (real life – ‘up until the early hours packing for the lazy b——s, already craving a large glass of wine and it’s only 4am’).

I shared the post on my astrology Facebook page as it was a brilliant example of the Mercury/Pluto square. Pluto rules all things that are hidden or discarded including s–t and Mercury rules words and thoughts. There was a hidden agenda, a perfect description of Pluto square to Mercury.

A couple of hours later I went back on my page and found a comment from a woman who said that it was her writing and someone had stolen it from her Facebook page. I immediately responded saying thanks for letting me know and how this fact in itself was an even more brilliant showing of Mercury and Pluto. In mythology Mercury was the thief, the trickster, Pluto rules shady goings-on and this woman had her post nicked. I suggested it was up to her whether she wanted to confront the culprit.

The final chapter of the story emerged at the end of the day when I went back on my Facebook page to find that the whole post had disappeared. Obviously the writer of the piece had taken action to get the post removed. In mythology, Pluto wore an invisible helmet so again another strong showing of Mercury and Pluto with the words (Mercury) disappearing completely (Pluto).

When astrology plays out in real life, it sends a shiver down my spine as it’s a reminder of the deeper workings of the universe. The second part of the Mercury/Pluto square takes place on Sunday 25th October when Mercury is opposed  by Uranus, the unpredictable planet. It remains a volatile few days for communication. Be careful what you say and keep your ears open for a good Mercury story.


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