A Big Birthday, A New Decade

Sally Kirkman Astrologer

This Scorpio season, I am celebrating a big birthday. It starts with 6 and ends with 0, so I’m sure you can put them together and guess how old I am!

I feel so grateful to have reached this significant age and still be walking my path enjoying this incredible journey called life, a lot of the time. 

I am grateful that astrology found me on my first Saturn Return and I will continue to share this ancient knowledge & wisdom throughout my next decade and beyond as it’s beneficial to so many. What a joy to keep returning to soul & spirit in a world where materialism & commercialism often dominate.

If my father were still alive, he would have turned 100 on October 23rd which means I was his 40th birthday present. I had elder siblings aged 9 & 6 when I was born and my parents thought their family was complete. Yet, I chose to come along and walk my path on this earth. 

I’m delighted that I was gifted this opportunity to be here, to connect with so many beautiful people and experience the wonder & chaos that is life on this earth. It truly is magical and awe-inspiring when you stop and consider the power & constancy of nature & the universe. 

My wish for the next decade is that we all truly love the planet we stand on, that we stop the separation between ourselves and the universe. And, that we work towards unity amongst our fellow human beings to live together on this blessed earth. 

A reminder that every birthday is your Solar Return – the day that the Sun returns to the place it was when you were born – “the stars are within you and you are in the stars”. 

When life gets tough, look beyond yourself for guidance, reassurance and answers. They’re waiting for you, if you’re willing to look.

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10 thoughts on “A Big Birthday, A New Decade”

  1. Welcome to the club, Sally! If you follow my example, you are now officially 40 – I started counting backwards eleven years ago and can highly recommend it. I had to celebrate my big birthday during a lockdown with a glass of socially-distanced champagne on my front lawn in the middle of February….so I hope you have something a bit more exotic planned!

    Hope you have a fab day, and thanks as ever for all your insights which are delivered with such readable prose.

  2. Happy Birthday Sally! I hope your 60’s prove to be happy and fruitful!

    I do remember when 60 was just, well, certifiably ancient. Now, at the grand old age of 62, I still have so much optimism and ambition. Admittedly though, it’s partly because my younger years were so traumatic and difficult that I have yet a lot of catching up to do. Astrology has been a great way to navigate out of that maze, and I will be forever grateful to the wonderful astrologers including yourself who share their fascinating insights and illuminate a deep complex subject.

  3. Belated happy birthday Sally. Much appreciative of your writings and wisdom.

    Incidentally my daughter was born two days after my 30th. I’m always aware of what I was doing when I was her age and how much ahead of me she is by comparison.

  4. Today, is my birthday and I have to say it has been a rough road getting to this birthday. I am happy I am still here on earth. I have so much respect for the older generation, people should take advantage of our lifetime knowledge, but they don’t. How many times have I said, I would love to go back and do it over, knowing what I know now. Lots of times. One of my many favorite things to do when I was taking care of my dad in the lifecare center was being around older people that loved to talk about their past.
    Happy Birthday fellow Scorpio I hope you had wonderful day!

    1. Thank you, I had a lovely time. And happy birthday to you too, fellow Scorpio. Yes, the wisdom of getting older – who knew when we were younger 🙂

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