7 Top Tips for Full Moon Magic

We are living in a world where nothing seems to make much sense anymore. It’s no surprise, therefore, that more people are looking back to ancient wisdom for guidance and reassurance.

Sun & Moon

I’ve always been a lover of the Sun & Moon since I was a child. Their constant and regular cycles during the recent years of lockdowns was incredibly comforting.

I guess it was the same for ancient peoples – knowing that the Sun & Moon would continue to rise & set and keep bringing their beauty and glory into our world. When in doubt, trust in nature, listen to the universe.

7 Top Tips

I’ve recently moved to the sea and it’s heartening to see groups of people coming together to honour the Full Moon in different ways. Here are some ideas on how you can make the most of Full Moon magic & wisdom:

  1. Tap into your intuition. The Moon represents your inner world, the subconscious. When the light of the Moon is at its brightest during the Full Moon phase, this can bring clarity when you turn inwards and listen.
  2. Meditate, be mindful, go for a walk – any activity that helps to quieten your mind and reconnects you with your inner knowing.
  3. Do yoga or any group activity appeals to you. (The photo above is from a yoga class on the beach during last month’s Full Moon). Full Moons are a time to celebrate and come together with other people in community.
  4. Use the Full Moon to make a decision. In the moon cycle, Full Moons represent completion and culmination. This the peak of the monthly phase. Finish a deadline, have that all-important conversation, complete a project. Close the door on an issue and move on.
  5. Release and let go. The period after the Full Moon is the waning phase of the Moon, an ideal time to release and let go. It’s a time to sweep out old energy, declutter, do less not more. In effect, you’re preparing yourself ready for New Moon energy that arrives in two weeks time.
  6. Ditch limiting beliefs. During the Full Moon, you could write down what holds you back or you want to change, the things you no longer want in your life. Then, either burn the piece of paper or write on toilet paper and flush it away. Make choices that benefit you personally.
  7. Let go of attachments. If you’re a human being, you’re going to be overly-attached in some area of your life. It’s one of the biggest life lessons, learning to surrender and give less importance to things we believe matter but often don’t. – During last month’s Full Moon swim, a friend and I picked up a pebble and held on to it for some time. We thought about the things we were attached to and where we wanted to let go – during the swim, we gently let go and released the pebble.
  • What are your Full Moon rituals?
  • Do you want to create more community in your life during the Full Moon? What will you choose to take part in?
  • How do you honour the Moon & bring her magic & wisdom into your life?

I’d love to know – drop me a note in the comments box below.

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