2024 Year Ahead Astrology

I am once again offering personalised Year Ahead astrology reports for 2024. They will be written in January 2024.

Please note – the popular 2024 Year Ahead Reports are primarily available to previous clients.

If you don’t fall into one of these two categories and you’re interested in having your Year Ahead astrology read by me, please email before ordering at sally@sallykirkman.com. It’s important that you know your date, time & place of birth.

2024 Year Ahead Astrology

Your 2024 Year Ahead report is based on your personal astrology chart (date, time and place of birth) and is packed full of astrological insights and predictions for your year ahead.

Individually tailored to your natal chart, your report includes interpretation of the major progressions, transits and lunations relevant to your birth chart and a summary of the year’s astrology. There is a timeline which brings all the astrological information together.

  • Your Year Ahead Report is an incredibly useful guide that helps you plan your year, know when to take action and highlights your strengths and challenges in the year ahead.
  • Each report is unique to you so each one differs in length.
  • Your report will be approximately 8-9,000 words/25-30 pages.
  • All reports are sent to you by email in a PDF format.

Please note your report is written personally by me and is not computer-generated, hence the price. I always look for the positives in astrology and offer you suggestions on your best course of action. Yet, I also aim to point out any pitfalls or potential challenges. My writing is a blend of practical down-to-earth advice with a sprinkling of spiritual guidance. The written report is emailed to you once it’s ready.

The 2024 Year Ahead Reports will be written early January 2024. If you already subscribe to the weekly horoscopes & astrology newsletter, you receive a discount rate. If you’re not already a subscriber and wish to become one, you can sign up here: Weekly Horoscopes.

2024 Year Ahead Astrology Written Report

£497 full price – weekly subscribers £457

Your 2024 Year Ahead Astrology Report will be emailed to you once it's written. Once you've paid for your report, please email me at sally@sallykirkman.com to let me know and remind me of your birth data. If you have any specific issues or questions regarding the year ahead, you can also tell me in your email.

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20 10 reports available

2024 Year Ahead Astrology - Audio Version

£297 full price - weekly subscribers £257

Allow up to 90 minutes for your Zoom session which is recorded for you. We talk through your year ahead astrology together and you will have all the information and relevant dates in your recording.

There's currently availability to book your Zoom call early January 2024.

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10 5 readings available

I found your email while drinking my coffee this morning. I can’t stop reading my report and I have to go to work. Reading your horoscopes is so exciting. Full of hope and anticipation one minute. Caution and prudence the next. I love your perceptions and the eloquent, succinct way you communicate your thoughts. Thank you very much Sally! With gratitude and admiration – A

Thank you with all my heart for my report. I am so grateful for your wisdom embedded in it and your knowledge. I have started to read it and feel quite tearful with relief about the path that is already unfolding this year –

Thank you so much for my report – such a wonderful treat to absorb all evening. I have entered all the key dates and descriptions in my diary so I can follow the astrology throughout the year. I have found this so helpful as I can often spot major aspects that could impact me personally but I am not very good at interpreting what they mean – and you have done that so brilliantly – thank you. – M