2017 Astrodiaries Now On Sale!

image1Here’s a blog post especially for my Australian readers:

For the last few years, I have written these amazing Astrodiaries along with a top group of astrologers.

They feature 12 months of daily and monthly horoscopes – all the information you need about what to expect as we move through the year. You will be reminded of when the New and Full Moons take place, when Mercury is retrograde and when the eclipses are on!

These books have been written by me and a host of amazing astrologers – effectively the best astrologers writing today. They are aimed at younger women in looks but there is lot of good old-fashioned astrological wisdom in there for everyone!

Click here to see yours https://www.paperpocket.com.au/billie-life-guide-diaries

Do note that these diaries are published in Australia, great news if you live down under. If you’re anywhere else in the world, I believe you can still order your copy although the postage might be hefty.



2017-horoscopes-cover-1If this isn’t for you, why not consider purchasing my own comprehensive guide to 2017.

The 2017 Horoscopes eBook includes predictions for all 12 star signs, plus the top astrology for 2017 and it’s instantly downloadable. £10 only.  Click here to order your copy today!


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