2016 Your Year Ahead: Neptune Pisces

Neptune PiscesNeptune In Pisces: All Things Weird And Wonderful

Neptune has been in Pisces since February 2012, the first time it has returned to its own sign since it was discovered in 1846.

Neptune remains in its own sign throughout 2016

Neptune has come home as Neptune, God of the sea, co-rules the water sign, Pisces.

Neptune’s realm is the world of illusion and it was discovered during an era of major developments in photography and film, pharmaceuticals, cults and the occult, the spiritualist movement, the Romantics and communism. Neptune rules gas, oil and liquids.

The world of escapism is Neptune’s domain which includes poetry, music and art; love; drink and drugs; spirituality and mysticism. Pisceans are sensitive, empathic, visionary and sometimes impractical and gullible. Neptune’s world is the glamorous world of the celebrity, seeking fame and fortune, based on fantasy rather than reality.

Neptune remains in Pisces for 12 years so this could be a boom decade for photographers, musicians, film-makers, marine biologists, anaesthetists, romantics, oil men and con men.

Miracle cures, weird sea creatures, global unity, telepathic communication, altered states; the list of new possibilities, in true Neptunian fashion is boundless.

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