2016 Your Year Ahead: Mars Retrograde

Mars retrograde, red

Mars Retrograde: Frustrated Desire

Mars is the planet of action and drive and once every couple of years, Mars turns retrograde in the heavens for approximately 10 weeks at a time.

Mars is retrograde in 2016 from April 17th until June 29th. When a planet’s retrograde, it’s said to be weakened and it’s nature is expressed inwardly rather than outwardly.

This can be a tricky retrograde period for Mars as it suggests frustrated desire, an inability to be assertive and to express yourself fully. You can end up in a situation that’s marked by irritation or impatience and you quickly feel tetchy or become dissatisfied.

This is when intolerance levels can soar and it is important to find ways to access your inner emotions and channel them effectively. Physical exercise can help and finding positive ways to offload any stresses or strains.

Traditionally this is not a good time to initiate brand new projects, to enter into a conflict situation or to take on any task that demands a lot of strength or stamina. Your vital energies can feel depleted when Mars is on go slow.

Mars is the passion planet too which rules your libido so for some this might play out as a lack of desire or a period of celibacy, especially when Mars is retrograde in Scorpio, the sign of sexuality.

You could find that your courage is lacking whilst Mars is retrograde and your energy gets stuck. Being accident prone is one way Mars retrograde can play out especially when Mars is retrograde in daredevil Sagittarius, and this is not the best time to take risks or put yourself in any situation which is potentially dangerous.

You can work on your inner strength and confidence whilst Mars is on go slow but in a gradual way. Embrace activities which boost your self esteem and help tap you into those all important masculine qualities.

Mars retrograde is less of a bully and you can learn important lessons in tact, diplomacy and how to get your own way without being bossy or dictatorial.

Here are the key dates and degrees of the Mars retrograde phase in 2016:

April 17th: Mars turns retrograde [8 Sagittarius 54]

May 27th: Mars retrogrades back into Scorpio

June 29th: Mars turns direct [23 Scorpio 04]

The turning point dates are important in your own chart if you have planets or key angles within 1 degree of the retrograde and direct degrees.

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