2016 Your Year Ahead: Eclipse Season

eclipse, destinyEclipse Season: Moments Of Destiny

In ancient times eclipses were viewed as a bad omen but in modern times people are divided on the meaning of an eclipse.

For some, they represent power points of energy when our spiritual awareness is heightened and for others, they coincide with dramatic events and turning points in our lives.

Often you sleep less deeply close to the eclipses and the veil between the conscious and hidden worlds fades. Emotions are heightened and life feels less solid as if you’re standing on wobbly ground.

There are two main types of eclipses, a solar or New Moon Eclipse when the light of the Sun is obscured and a lunar or Full Moon Eclipse when the Moon’s light is hidden. Eclipses present you with an opportunity to sweep out the old in order to prepare the space for something fresh and new to emerge.

To understand eclipses, the language and symbolism of the eclipse can act as a guide. When the lights, the Sun and Moon, are ‘eclipsed’, we are in the dark and events are hidden and shadowy. Secrets emerge and what’s unknown comes to light a few days later.

As an eclipse involves three bodies, the Sun, the Moon and the Earth, this may represent a ‘triangle’ situation in your life where one person loses out allowing another person to take advantage. At an eclipse, often one door has to shut before a new door can be opened.

The eclipses tie in with the karmic nodes in astrology and throughout 2016, the north node resides in the earth sign of Virgo, retreating backwards from 25 degrees Virgo to 7 degrees Virgo throughout the year. This is another reason why eclipses are thought of as being more fateful than other planetary activity. They are considered moments of destiny.

In 2016, there are 5 key eclipses, 2 solar and 3 lunar. One of these represents the end of a cycle (Aries/Libra axis), another represents the beginning of a new cycle (Leo/Aquarius axis) and three of them highlight the present eclipse cycle which cuts across the Virgo/Pisces axis of the zodiac. The eclipses are most powerful in your own chart if they fall within 1 degree either side of key planets/angles.

Here are the all-important dates and zodiacal degrees:

March 9th: Solar eclipse [18 Virgo 56] – 01:54 GMT

March 23rd: Lunar eclipse [3 Libra 17] – 12:01 GMT

August 18th: Lunar eclipse [25 Aquarius 52] – 09:27 GMT

September 1st: Solar eclipse [9 Virgo 21] – 09:03 GMT

September 16th: Lunar eclipse [24 Pisces 20] – 19:05 GMT

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