2016 Year Ahead Horoscopes


Here we go, towards 2016! Filled with hopes and dreams for all the things we are aiming to accomplish. I am sending you all best wishes for the year ahead.

My fellow astrologer Yasmin Boland has put together a mini-eZine – 73 pages of horoscopes, covering all 12 signs, for the year ahead.

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Or read on about the main themes for 2016.

The good news is that pretty much no matter what your Star sign, 2016 is going to be a whole lot easier than 2012-2015 was.

That’s because those years brought us those terribly pressurising and some would say downright dreadful Uranus/Pluto clashes. And they are now officially over for eons.

Especially affected were Aries, Cancers, Librans and Capricorns (or if you have one of those signs rising…)

2016 will be less about being pushed into a corner by the Universe so that you have to take action, and more about making positive life changes.

Arguably the loveliest of the astro-links ahead this year will taking place between Jupiter (positivity) and Pluto (change). So yes, we are onto a much better thing.

Positive change is in the air. That means if you want to do something different, it’s not going to be such a struggle!

Here is a quick rundown re where you can expect change to flow more easily. Read your sign or your Rising sign if you know it!

Aries – changes can flow at work
Taurus – study and/or travel will be life-changing
Gemini – overall positive changes can flow re sex and money
Cancer – your love life can be transformed in a good way
Leo – overall positive changes can flow at when it comes to your daily life
Virgo – overall positive changes will be connected to romance, creativity and kids (your own or someone else’s)
Libra – overall positive changes can flow at home and re family
Scorpio – you will realise that you are creating your life with your thoughts!
Sagittarius – overall positive changes are the expected financially
Capricorn –  your whole life is ripe for positive changes in 2016!
Aquarius – blast through your fears and your life will be even more amazing
Pisces – your friendships are going to be even more powerful this year

So will 2016 be 100% smooth sailing? Of course not! However there will be less of a crushing imperative that feels like do or die… and that has to be a good thing!


Every year brings some super peak dates of the year which affect us all no matter what our star signs. These are the dates for 2016 and very much worth noting in your diary!

We will explain more about what this means for YOUR star sign as the time comes but for now, write them down and remember that big life changes and better leaps forward into the future will be possible around these dates.

If you plan to start or launch anything in 2016, these are potentially quite good dates.

March 16 – a wonderful day for big changes (Jupiter/Pluto)
June 18 – make a big dream come true (Saturn/Neptune)
June 26 – more chances for mind-blowing changes (Jupiter/Pluto)
December 25 – hard work pays off (Saturn/Uranus)*
December 26 – exciting developments ((Jupiter/Uranus)*

* These two dates are quite mysterious as they suggest very positive change and yet many of us reading this will be taking a day off and relaxing with family and/or friends. So what can it mean? My best bet is that these dates augur very well for better family relations OR for projects you’ve worked hard on throughout the year somehow paying off during the holiday season. Stay tuned as the year unfolds for more info specific to your sign about these important dates.

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